Elderly mother crying out, fear in her eyes to see family, locked in during COVID; makes you want to throttle malfeasants who did this to millions, tens of millions & our parents/grand parents DIED

by Paul Alexander

DIED lonely! miserable deaths, no warmth, no love, no kindness to them, just lockdown lunacy; never ever EVER forget this! She wants to find a way to see her family but is only relegated to zoom?




I am not Christ, not Jesus, I am nothing like that, so I will leave forgiveness and amnesty to him, people like him. I want justice and I am like Trump in that way, I love vengeance when well placed and deserved. These acts were no simple matter and must be punished.

There must be no mercy for the Branch COVIDians, and this is where we need malfeasants like Janet Reno and Bill Clinton to run this matter so the real COVIDians see justice, based on proper inquiry. We will ask Janet and Bill to ensure all is done within law and proper inquiries.

Remember V for Vendetta when the priest begged forgiveness and he said “not tonight Reverend, not tonight”….same here Emily, not now, not now! We want proper inquiries, tribunals for all who did this, all. Anyone connected in anyway to the vaccine. Anyone. Must answer.


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Emily Oster: "LET’S DECLARE A PANDEMIC AMNESTY We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID"; IMO, Emily is a bit deranged to think this; punishment!
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Well written piece, excellent.