Elephant in the room, COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine; NFL's Hamlin & Pegula must come clean, they owe it to the players & others who can benefit if COVID shot caused their near deaths

by Paul Alexander

Huge praise for Jessica and our hearts go out to the Pegula’s, for Kim’s full recovery but it will be difficult and long. That family have done lots for New York, Buffalo.

But it becomes a moral imperative when you have information that could save lives. It must be shared. Unless Hamlin provides proof it was not vaccine induced myocarditis (or similar), then the COVID gene injection vaccine remains on the table as to the cause of his on-field cardiac arrest. It is his private business but he is a public figure and benefits from the public and so he has to help the public now. He must come clean. We want to know only as it relates to our safety. Ms. Pegula’s team should inform the public to the extent they could if her tragedy was due to the gene shot.