Elon Musk: now you know I am not sold on Musk & his Twitter continues to be garbage yet from time to time Musk steps up, here is one: 'Elon Musk Asks Of Jordan Neely Protesters: "Why Didn't They

by Paul Alexander

Protest The Children Murdered At The Christian School?"' BOOM Elon, I would give you a prize but cannot afford a space ship; BIG stones ELON, I give huge props for this calling them “disingenuous,”

Why? Because they are. These deranged insane people protesting are the ones with TDR and don’t mind you placing a vacuum cleaner into the womb and chopping up a living baby so thay can ‘get their abortion so their rights are upheld to do with their body as they please yet will murder an unborn child easily’, these are the same morons who will gather on a beach to throw water on a beached whale yet kill a baby in utero and watch a starving man on the sidewalk…see I agree Elon, and big praise.