Elon Musk (TWITTER) challenges Mark Zuckerberg (FACEBOOK) to a penis measuring contest’ as Twitter users flock to Threads; that's if either can find their di*k; this is why US is circling the drain

by Paul Alexander

The years of bitterness between the two billionaires has only intensified since Zuckerberg, 39, launched Threads as a rival to Twitter; ONLY to be outdone by Lia Thomas who now wants to show his penis

THREAD DREAD: Musk challenges 'cuck' Zuck to 'd**k measuring contest'...

‘This feud has come to a head.

Elon Musk stooped to a new low Sunday as he challenged Mark Zuckerberg to a “d–k measuring contest” in a bizarre tweet.


The Twitter owner, a 52-year-old adult and father of 10, made the proposition — complete with an emoji of a ruler, because of course — hours after calling the Facebook co-founder a “cuck.”

The years of bitterness between the two billionaires has only intensified since Zuckerberg, 39, launched Threads as a rival to Twitter last week.’



Good God, what have we done, letting freaks like this have media, these are freaks and a half. And you talking smack about Donaldos Magnus, the greatest POTUS ever? You throw shade at him? You talk smack about Trump’s personality? You hit Kennedy’s lust demons while we have the 2 largest companies in the US CEOs now wanting to measure di*ks? What are our children to think? No wonder Bruce ‘the freak’ pedophile Jenner is a star. No wonder transgender is a ‘thing’.

If this is true, God help us!