Elon Musk, we need 10,000 of him; he says time to clean up Twitter and censoring (I was cancelled now on Twitter), so Breitbart reports swamp deepstate comes to the rescue, he's is under investigation

by Paul Alexander

For what? Elon is the best thing to happen to Twitter, to wokeness, to 'silencing' of contrarians and skeptics and persons who question devastating killing COVID policies

Swamp Steps In? DOJ, SEC Launch “Joint Investigation” Targeting Elon Musk as He Attempts His ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Twitter: Reports

Not sure entirely of this aims and the like, but I love this…go get them Elon! Time to end these propaganda so called ‘media’ outlets…Twatter oh I meant Twitter needs to be shut down, its garbage. Time to ‘cancel’ the deepstate globalist propaganderists…huge props to Elon for he has uncovered what we always knew but focusing in on it!