Emergency rooms stretched and overflowing; a huge big LIE, FRAUD, they are doing it again, LOCKDOWNS, they asked for 2 weeks, got 2 years 1 month, and billions; so senators, congress, MPs stole money?

by Paul Alexander

CHINA? Which senators and congresspeople, MPs, and MPPs, Who stole money? Whose family and buddies got bogus contracts? Who stole money for they got billions/trillions, so can't say OVERRUN.

This is all a fraud, a huge fraud and now the dog and pony begun again, sending out crooked doctors to tell us the ER is over run….many of my friends who are ER doctors say to me its a lie…US and Canada…ok, lets buy that for a moment, lets say these crooked doctors who are easily bought off for thats the issue…these who failed to treat people with early treatment and have the death of hundreds of thousands on their hands, lets pretend…so ok, if so, what did you do with 2 years and 1 month when you asked for 2 weeks to ‘bend the curve’ to prepare hospitals? you thought we forgot? what did you do with the billions and trillions and the PPE????

And China infections/cases today and deaths? what should China do?

The issue is cases have escalated but deaths flat. We would expect by a numbers game, that there would be an appreciable ‘death curve’ that follows about 2-3 weeks post peak of cases, but we are not seeing this. Maybe there will be a small blip but this is OMI and this is a mild variant and the sub-variants are as mild, non-lethal.

What should Shanghai, China do?


1)immediately end the lockdowns, END them today, they are worthless for OMI and this highly mutable respiratory virus; they are punitive and many die due to the lockdowns and closures

2)use public service messaging e.g. vit D, body weight, healthier living etc.

3) make early treatment widely available to the public

4) mainly, strongly protect the vulnerable in the society, the elderly, those compromised, as we should and do for other infections, diseases…

5)and allow the vast majority of the healthy low-risk society to live free lives, no restrictions to face the pathogen naturally and harmlessly, so that they can become naturally immune that could give them some good broad protection, and they would get the population to population-level herd immunity

6)using vaccine with this virus is useless as they have seen, especially the mRNA lipid-nano-particle injection that is ineffective and harmful; we already have repeated evidence that the boosters do not work; boosting is not the answer, it delays the inevitable, as protection will wane fast and you are damaging the immune system (immune exhaustion, and damage to the innate and acquired-adaptive immunity)…

4th dose is worthless