EMIRATES flight WARNING: A plane or two will fall from the sky; 'The First Officer of Emirates Flight 205 felt unwell an hour and a half after take-off and was forced to return to Malpensa airport'

by Paul Alexander

Is this another vaccine-induced myocarditis illness? Is this due to a damaged heart? More and more of these cardiac arrests are happening in our pilots; a loaded plane can come down

Pilots must insist that they only fly once myocarditis is excluded e.g. tests such as D-dimer, high-sensitivity troponin, contrast chest MRI, EKG etc. A vaccine-induced myocarditis heart with scarring (scarred myocardium), under stress e.g. emergency situation or stressful situation in the cabin/cockpit, will result in adrenaline flooding the system, and this can be too much stress for the already scarred heart and there could be irregular heart activity (e.g. arrythmia), then possibly cardiac arrest/death.

Refuse to fly unless you are cleared.