End vaccine mandates & all COVID lies & misinformation by Government public health officials; BIDEN infected after 4 shots, Novak Djokovic absurd ban, Birx admitted fraud & lies; the lie is now OVER!

by Paul Alexander

Manufactured virus (deliberate release?), manufactured pandemic; CDC & NIH beasts allowed BIG BOX stores to open while shutting down small businesses? could not bury our dead??? kid suicide?

Critical now is that academic research medicine must go back to basics and ensure that research goes forward ONLY with the highest-quality, trustworthy, robust, rigorous, studies e.g. randomized controlled trials as well as observational studies. The quality must be improved so that the certainty of the evidence e.g. estimates of effect, can be assured. Evidence-based medicine must become evidence-based AGAIN, not the junk, sub-optimal, pseudoscience that plagues public health and research today. The type of junk research that CDC and NIH and FDA champions. This began prior to COVID but COVID has revealed the emboldened the underbelly of garbage junk research that is political and biased.

Yes, our children took their lives due to the ravages of the lockdowns and school closures. We had reports from the many States of children found hung in their bedrooms during the lockdowns, 8 and 9 year olds, 12 year olds. The media in DC made a decision to cover it up and not report a word so that Trump will not be credited with fighting CDC and unions to open schools. It was perverse. But we had the data.

We want all who played a role in COVID formulation and response, in Trump’s government and Biden’s, all, every public health official, every decision-maker, every policy maker, including complicit doctors, who stood by, who sought to fix their salaries, who denied treatment to sick patients, who pushed and shilled the vaccines, all the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and State licensing Boards, to be investigated and if shown to have been reckless and dangerous to have costed lives, we incarcerate them and strip them of every penny they have!