Endothelial GLYCOCALYX covers the vascular endothelium luminally; it sits between the blood that flows in the blood vessels (all blood vessels) and the underlying endothelial cells; my theory on clots

by Paul Alexander

Evidence emerged that the spike protein (whether produced elsewhere and enters circulation or produced in vascular cells) protrudes into the blood flow after mRNA translation; damages glycocalyx??????

We have been duped; we must never ever vaccinate with a non-sterilizing vaccine as these COVID vaccines that does not sterilize the virus, does not stop infection or transmission, does not stop death etc.; we have underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve in response to vaccinating in the midst of an ongoing pandemic/emergency, where there is massive infectious pressure (circulating virus) bumping up against sub-optimal immune pressure (from immature not complete mounting antibodies that also do not hit the current variant); then absolutely, natural selection will 'select' the 'fittest' variant to move forward from among variants e.g. Delta, Omicron. If we want variants to continue and this to go on for many years, we should simply keep the vaccine program ongoing as it is...mass vaccination in the midst of an ongoing pandemic using a non-sterilizing vaccine; if we vaccinated our children, we run the risk of converting them to asymptomatic super spreaders, and we can damage their INNATE immune systems that normally protect children; vaccinal antibodies could suppress their innate antibodies (subvert it, out-compete it).

The vaccine must be stopped and urgently examined as to safety and only used in a targeted manner. No vaccine mandates, none for children.

I am raising the issue of the endothelial glycocalyx as to where I think the problem is in terms of why clotting and bleeding occurs post COVID vaccine; there are way smarter folk than I but I am simply thinking and sharing; I do not pretend to be the expert of experts on glycocalyx.

I am sharing based on my understanding of the role of the glycocalyx that sits on top of the endothelial cells that line the vasculature (all blood carrying vessels in the body e.g. arteries, capillaries, veins).

The glycocalyx acts as a sort of endothelial gatekeeper, a ‘St. Peter’ with the keys to gates of heaven; it is kind of jelly-like and a protective layer of sorts, protective of the underlying vascular endothelium.

Evidence exists that the content of the vaccine (lipid-nano particles and the mRNA payload) does not stay at the injection site in the deltoid and local drainage lymph nodes but actually enters the circulation (blood stream); thus the content can be taken up into cells systemically and be translated into spike protein; these cells include the cells of the vasculature; the spike protein is then expressed/presented or sits on the cell membrane (of the cell that produced it) exposed to the immune system (this offering is just a basic look at one specific area I find interesting in the pathophysiology post vaccine); there are indications of transmembrane molecular glue that is supposed to keep the spike in place on the cell membrane but it appears to come untethered and enters the circulation; some experts e.g. Hoffe, Bhakdi etc. describe that once the platelets in the blood that are flowing past the spike, bumps up on the spikes (the now bumpy lumen that is supposed to be smooth), then there is clumping of platelets etc.; there are many aspects being considered as to how the pathology from the spike occurs but I wanted to focus on the glycocalyx.

The endothelial glycocalyx is described often as a meshy carbohydrate-rich layer lining the vascular endothelium. It is considered to be connected to the endothelium through several molecules e.g. proteoglycans and also glycoproteins.

My sharing is that the glycocalyx has molecules as part of it that plays a role in blood clotting (I will not get into the specific molecules etc.); my understanding is that the trajectory of blood if not ‘thinned’ is toward clotting; the glycocalyx and its molecular constituents play a role in preventing the coagulation and thus has a potent anticoagulant function.

Thus it may be that when the spike protein is translated and migrates to the membranes of the cells that just produced it (translation from mRNA to spike protein) and protrudes into the vessel lumen as blood flows along (the lumen is the inner portion of a vessel), in protruding, it may be damaging the glycocalyx in some manner and may disturb the calyx’s anticoagulant function; thus the default trajectory toward clotting emerges as it may cause platelet aggregation??; this has not been formally researched yet but would you not agree this is a huge possibility to explain at least in part, the pathophysiology given so many adverse events and deaths post vaccine? given the clotting we have seen post vaccine? this is a very simplistic offering but it is meant to be, simply to express that the disturbance or damage of the delicate glycocalyx may be occurring due to the spike protein entering the blood stream directly or produced by cells e.g. vascular cells, and be a key contributor to the blood clotting and bleeding we know of that occurs in some persons post COVID vaccine.

All for now.


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