Et tu Chuck? If Chuck Todd is saying the ship named 'Biden/Harris' is taking on water fast, then Biden is in real trouble'; time to jump; the music slows, who will get a chair? bunnies & ice cream???

by Paul Alexander

Full disclosure, I always said Trump's COVID Task Force was a clown car disaster catastrophe (worst of its kind) on roids, but Biden's response makes Trump's blush; on our knees we beg it to stop!

Bunnies and ice-cream anyone? anyone? anyone?

Part of the issue is that for both Trump and Biden, these are not public health responses, but political ones! That's why for both, has been a disaster.

Ha, between Chuckie and the DOW (Bourla and Bancel must be experiencing the runs), hhhhhmmmmm, there are whispers now emanating from the bowels of DC, “captain, the ship is inking, we taking on water fast, should we abandon ship”?

Et Tu? Chuck Todd Savages Biden Over Failing Presidency As Liberal Media Cuts Bait

"For President Biden, the plan was that Covid would be defeated, the economy would fully recover and he would be able to deliver a return to normalcy. But plans have a way of going sideways. A year into Mr. Biden's presidency, unemployment is down and wages are up, but inflation is also up to a 40-year high. Infrastructure and Covid relief bills were passed, but Build Back Better is stuck in neutral. And most important, though vaccines are available and effective, Delta and Omicron have dealt a one-two punch to the economy, the supply chain and that promised return to normalcy...

...And on Thursday the Supreme Court blocked Mr. Biden's "vaccine or test" mandate for large businesses, perhaps taking away the last effective tool in his Covid toolbox. That same day Mr. Biden's last-minute push for voting rights bills was dealt a likely fatal blow. Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema said again what she's been saying for months. She is opposed to changing the filibuster to pass the legislation. So, now what? All of this came just as the president was heading, by the way, to Capitol Hill to lobby fellow Democrats to change the Senate rules. So it was quite the exclamation point on a terrible week."

Nice piece by Durden, never disappoints.