Et tu? Et Tu German government? Higher natural immunity in Germany (eastern) may be partly responsible for lower BA.5 infections, and eugyppius is right and we showed this prior and bang on!

by Paul Alexander

They cannot admit that it is vaccine, stupid, and that lower vaccine uptake in the east means lower infection, so they are saying 'well, it must be natural immunity'; OK, we will take that, MORONS!

Kind of an update:

The west versus east divide is very clear, we can see what has happened here. The east, in it’s usual pattern of questioning and pushing back and not trusting moronic communism governments that they have suffered under (and the vestiges have remained structurally), opted for lower vaccine and they have benefitted and it paid dividends to them in the east. Likely also benefitted from innate immune system (innate antibodies) training and education and their kids are now with GOLD star immunity.

So the morons cannot admit that the vaccine has failed and is indeed driving infection in the vaccinated (infection enhancing vaccinal antibodies that are non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that do not neutralize/sterilize the virus and is actually enhancing/facilitating infection in the vaccinee; has to do with high-affinity vaccinal antibodies for the spike antigen binding sites, this means high specificity and this high specificity for the spike outcompetes the natural innate antibodies and prohibits optimal training and can devastate our children if children are vaccinated with this fraud failed COVID vaccine/mRNA) and the lower rates in the east is due to lower vaccine rates…they resisted in the east, huge praise for them…it’s that simple and correct! so they the corrupted inept government are now playing with language that it hhhhmmm, maybe ‘natural immunity’….can account for this, NOT the lower vaccine rates and not the vaccine driving infection in the vaccinated…ha ha ha, these idiots, these governments that hurt and harmed people with lockdown lunacy, killed innocent people, e.g. Fauci and Deborah Birx type people…inept corrupted people…

Someone I admire greatly, eugyppius is German and helping graph this for us to understand. We know it is the vaccine rates that are lower and eugyppius is using the published graphs nicely too.

SOURCE (may need to translate)