Et Tu? US Military? What illogical garbage is this? Is PRIDE the key issue the military is focused on? I could just imagine radical terrorists smile as they plot how to kill us while we focus on PRIDE

by Paul Alexander

we focusing on PRIDE as they plan to kill us, it is outrageous! RAINBOW colored bullets? The US Marines, you too?

I am coming at this apolitical here. I want to say I am not a republican or democrat. Will not even identify as conservative given the pure destruction from Washington. Both parties are same, yes, it is a UNIPARTY. The nation now needs a new party, yes, a 3rd one to shed ourselves of these 2 corrupted set of people. To me cannot save the republican party, it is done. It is like musical chairs and all we do every 2 years and 4 years is re-arrange the chairs among the corrupted crooked. High-crime bandits. I call them crooks in DC. Trump indicated he was going to start a third party, it was a mistake not to. The nation is ready. Even if not led by him, by someone who respects the tax payer, the country, flag, law and order, military, police, borders, constitution, limited and clear role of government etc. That our money we work for is our money and not yours to re-distribute and put in your pockets, you congressperson and senators, so that you can give to your families and buddies in the form of crooked kickback bogus contracts. We need a 3rd party to for once stand up for the people ONLY and represent the needs of Americans and hard working Americans and who will respect their money.

All this to say, the US military must stay out of this political crap and focus on what it is meant to focus on, training our troops and killing bad people who threaten the homeland and overseas. America’s interests ONLY. Our troops are not interested in rainbow bullets and pronouns and gender re-assignment bullshit, just on how to kill bad people and to protect America.


U.S. Military Slammed Over Pride Month Tweets: ‘Perfect Self-Parody Of American Interests’

Three of the six branches of the U.S. Military faced backlash on Wednesday after publishing tweets celebrating the start of LGBT community’s Pride Month.

The tweet that generated by far the most controversy was from the U.S. Marine Corps, which posted a picture of a helmet with rainbow-colored bullets.

Notable responses to the tweet included a variety of mocking and sarcastic reactions:

  • Antonio Garcia Martinez, writer: “The arc of history is long, and it bends toward reality becoming an Onion meme from a decade ago.”

  • Josh Hammer, Newsweek: “Good to know our military has its priorities in order.”

  • Tim Pool, YouTuber: “I love the rainbow bullets. I wonder if its like a pigs blood thing and meant to offend the religious groups whose children we kill overseas.”

  • Adam Herman, writer: “The military tweeting out rainbow bullets is a perfect self-parody of American interests.”

  • Mike Hahn, Republican strategist: “Shouldn’t the military be busy telling Russia the exact time, location and type of weapons we’re sending to Ukraine?”

  • Wajahat Ali, writer: “Good lord. This is real.”

  • Gerry Callahan, radio host: “Wait. This is real? Rainbow bullets? THE MARINE CORPS? God help us. The wokesters have infected everything.”

  • Angela Morabito, political commentator: “They really went looking for a symbol of inclusion and went with – I cannot stress this enough – bullets.”

  • Tycho Brahe, commentator: “I’m not like a designer or anything but I feel like having the tips of the literal bullets in the pride colors might be communicating a different message than they hoped.”

  • Nic Keaney, Twitter: “This gives me the ick.”