EUA (emergency use authorizations) by FDA must be stopped, restricted & banned for ANY adults, must ONLY be used for high risk e.g. 70 years and older with medical conditions, IF a deadly pathogen

by Paul Alexander

DO NOT ever use EUA for healthy children, healthy teens, healthy young adults! why? why an EUA for the new bi-valent (Wuhan & BA.5 spike vaccine)? There is no sound scientific reason for this! FRAUD!

Most people are immune now, has some form of immunity. This makes no sense and stinks to high heavens granting these EUAs. For what? Where is the supporting evidence for a mandate? For EUA? There is none! There is no emergency, no heightened risk NOW to use these damn EUAs or mandates. This is fraud and corruption for we do not have the proper studies that assessed risks and benefits. These mRNA shots have caused myocarditis, myopericarditis, pericarditis, blood clots, bleeding etc. Severe catastrophic illnesses yet we did not study it? Then how could we authorize an EUA? And even mandate this as likely will happen. The FDA is very reckless here and duplicitous and misleading and actually places potential vaccinees in danger for the studies and EUA did not assess the risk and we have no idea what benefit is conferred by these bi-valent shots. The studies used or referred to by FDA to grant EUA are non-sensical.

We are not in February 2020 with Wuhan legacy strain and consequent serious severe illness for those with high-risk and vulnerabilities. We are in August 2022 where OMICRON is akin to a common cold. We get 3-4 colds per year. We live with colds, and accept them.

The EUA process is now a joke and a fraud. It is a political tool played with depending on President. One is restricted, the other is given out. Oh how far the FDA has fallen!

COVID is (has been) done if not for the non-neutralizing sub-optimal injection driving viral immune escape, original antigen sin, antibody dependent enhancement of infection and disease, and emergence of infectious variant after infectious variant with a possibly virulent clade.

The EUA must be used when there is an emergency with no other options. It is not free tax payer money or candy! There is no emergency and we have multiple options, the nation and young persons are largely immune too. This is a devastating corrupted use of the EUA.

We need to ask first what are the downsides before we use an EUA? What is the cost benefit analysis? Where is it? What are the risks versus the benefits before we give these EUAs like damn candy! This is medical regulatory malpractice IMO using EUAs in this way with no bona fide basis.

And if you tell me you cannot run randomized trials because you will need to power it with millions of patients, e.g. children as you did not do any trials, then it tells us the answer right there, it tell us that the pathogen to them is not harmful SO DO NOT need the injection in the first place. That is your answer. You will need millions of subjects if not the entire population, for you cannot detect a difference if the baseline risk is zero or near zero which the control group is for kids, low risk teens etc. If baseline risk is statistical 0, then how could you detect ‘less than’ zero. You cannot!

I have lost all my confidence in Dr. Peter Marks whom I respected deeply, admire, he is very smart and dedicated and I had the chance to deal with him and discuss while I was at HHS but his recent vaccine actions are very questionable. Troubling to me. Seems he is conflicted and not making the best decisions.

These are the real heroes at FDA and now gone!