Even giving Biden the questions ahead of time & selecting the reporters, Biden failed! John King CNN knows he is in deep TROUBLE; would have 25th amendment Biden but cant put Kamala 'Wilie Brown'

by Paul Alexander

If Harris came on deck, democrats would lose 49 states...I would still give them New York...when I thought Trump's pandemic response resulted in thousands of lockdowns deaths, Biden 'TRUMPS' Trump...

Even if Biden has to be wheeled out comatoses, cant put train wreck ‘Willie Brown’ Harris on deck…will be the first time the minority party gained 435 seats in the house and 100 in the Senate…

They would take Hilary but cant figure out how to slide her in…

CNN’s John King said of Biden’s comments on Russian and Ukraine, “There’s a lot to clean up.”

CNN’s Dana Bash said, “Clean up on aisle State Department.”

‘Ukrainian officials in Kyiv watched in horror as Biden gave Putin a green light to invade Ukraine,’ CNN’s international correspondent said.

“There’s a Lot to Clean Up” – CNN’s John King After Joe Biden Predicts Russian Invasion of Ukraine During Disastrous Press Conference (VIDEO)