Every human life is important and worth saving, no matter ethnicity, religion; lockdown lunacy & isolation & masking polices caused this in Buffalo & Texas; no fathers, no nuclear family, no faith

by Paul Alexander

We did this, we allowed govn bureaucrats and technocrats, the elites, to break the minds of our people, adult & child, ripped all their decision making; take this fraud vax OR ELSE, no job!

No Maureen, it is not the angry American male that is our greatest public-health crisis. No, the crisis is what is happening societally to cause this (The American male).

No fathers, no nuclear family, no faith…this is the core problem, and it is this we must fix.

The father, the father, the father. You destroyed his core and central role in the family unit and now question what is happening?

Fathers out there, you MUST be the parent that is critically needed for the young child (boy or girl). Be a man about it, stand up and father your damn children. Help raise them proper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The father gives the boy and girl something different and what the boy gets is vital. From his dad. Desperately needed for the young male, black or white. Both mother and father is critical, equally. None can replace the mother, the woman is the scheme of life. But similar is the father in his key role. Does not matter to me if you are offended. It is my view. Stop denigrating the male, the father!

My focus is on the lockdowns and the shootings we are seeing. I think there is a link. We did this, we allowed this and we must hold them all to account. All who forced these failed COVID lockdowns and school closure policies. All. We broke the minds of good and already vulnerable people. Debate me, prove me wrong! Young people’s minds were (some already were disturbed, deranged before lockdowns and school closures and isolation due to drug abuse, access to hateful dangerous media sites) broken and there are many more out there. Many more.

We must urgently center the nuclear family, the father, faith, cherish life, human life.

We need to face and fix the opioid epidemic and access children have to dangerous drugs, to weed/sativa. How could this ever have been adaptive? The fentanyl crisis emerging from Wuhan China, through Mexico. Why? We also need to study and address why there is a dramatic decline in life expectancy in white men. Why? Does anyone care? These are real terrible challenges we face.

Yet can we consider the pain of the mother today who lost her child? The precious mother. How can you console her? What can you say to a grieving mother? When my sister died 2 years ago, my mother waited for me to come back to the islands. I went to her in the back room privately as I entered the house, was told she was waiting to see me, and she lay her head on my chest in a way that was different. She was literally waiting to cry ‘to’ me and it is the most gut-wrenching thing one could experience. Your mother crying to you and you cannot stop the pain. She sobbed on me quietly but from deep inside her stomach in a way I never experienced. She was crying to her eldest son and waited for me, and there was nothing I could do to ease her pain while I too pained for my sister. Yet I grew to understand the pain of a mother losing a child. And my sister was in her early 50s. So what do we say to the mother today of these young children?

Did we have to do this? For I say we did this. Societally. What we allowed the last couple of years. We could have, we may have had the chance to flag it and stop it. Maybe this one.

Do you know how many young people, children, infants were physically abused and sexually abused in their homes, during the lockdowns and school closures? By even family and they had no where to go. No one. We had parents turning up to ERs during the lockdown with their child limp in their arms, across many many states, telling the doctor ‘we think we may have killed our child…we have beaten them this morning, we were fighting and beat the child too, we have been locked out of work, no income for many months, we are angry, frustrated, depressed, and we beat the child, we think we may have killed him for he is not responding and is groaning, can you help us please’…

This I just wrote emerged across America and it is this POTUS Trump knew and was fighting Fauci and Birx and the CDC and the teachers unions to open schools…we knew what was happening and fought them and they fought Trump…they threatened him they would leak that he was muzzling them which was a lie…at no time. IMO, some of the COVID Task Force members were so inept and near inept to me, illogical, irrational, absurd, non-sensical, specious, reckless. They fought Trump to keep nation closed and schools closed, I did, I was slandered and smeared as I fought Fuci and NIH…and he Trump fought them to save children. I know. It happened. But the Task Force had members subverting him.

Schools represent in many instances the only place, only setting where kids turn to for acceptance and belonging, their sports teams. Closing them needlessly as there was no scientific basis, closing them for COVID was reckless and dangerous and harmful. The school for many American children is the only place they get one meal a day. Only meal. Closing schools caused many children, millions, to go without for months. And it was very embarrassing and private and the elite laptop class did not care. Their kids could afford. They could uber out, they could skip the dishes etc. They had no idea millions of American kids starved during the lockdowns and school closures.

We had the data that children were dying due to the lockdowns and school closures. The Task Force and RINOs and deepstate did not care. The game in town was to destroy and damage Trump at all costs.

I am saying it as clearly as I can. The Buffalo and Texas shooting has some roots, some antecedents, some underpinning in the COVID lockdowns and school closures. Do not discount this. They may have been flagged, they were missed. Someone may have taken the step to reach out. It is past now but that was a serious gap.

I was there in the govn, I saw what was done to hurt Trump and ensure he got no victories, even to hurt the nation. He wanted the society open, they worked hard daily to subvert him and keep it closed. Used the media to scare you to accept and work against him. Trump knew the destruction on the kids and fought, begged Fauci and Birx and CDC and teachers unions to open the schools, they worked against him daily to ensure it stayed closed. They subverted him, subverted Scott Atlas, threatened that they would leak he was risking children by opening schools and they would leak he was muzzling them. This was a lie. This was devastating.

We damaged our children, good kids and kids already with messed up minds with the lockdowns and school closures, in many instances irreparably. It was too long and too hard and isolated vulnerable children, young people. School closures did that too. It took them over the edge. It was all about stopping Trump so he got no credit. Make everything he did seem wrong and risky.

Fauci and Birx lockdowns and school closures harmed and killed healthy adults and children, not the virus, it was their lockdowns, their policies, and Trump will need to tell us why he did not fire them. Decades will be needed to recover from this COVID response, what we have done to our adults and children. And they still have not stopped.