Every single aspect of COVID was a fraud and lie! 100% of this was a non-pandemic, never ever was a pandemic, it was a RT-PCR false positive 'made up' hoax of a pandemic, from lockdowns to vaccine

by Paul Alexander

Our governments in Trump administration & Biden administration pulled off the greatest hoax in history, with a fraud pandemic that 'never was', deadly lockdowns to an ineffective deadly mRNA shot

It was all a lie for sick dark malevolent people with sick twisted deadly agendas, money making, power hungry drunk bastards who should be investigated, and all imprisoned and if we could, put them all to death, hang them high or execute them, once legal courts and juries and judges decide that. Only after that type of verdict comes. Put them to death for what they did to people, how they killed people with a lie of massive proportions. Both the lockdowns and the gene injections will go down as the greatest public health disasters in history.

People from the past Trump administration and the present Biden administration must be held accountable and punished till it hurts. If a judge says to, then hang them high publicly. Nuremberg 2.0.