Every single person, every health official, technocrat, bureaucrat, Pfizer, it's CEO Bourla & Moderna's Bancel, CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Birx, every person who played a role, MUST be criminally charged

by Paul Alexander

Every single person who pushed COVID vaccines in Trump's operation warp speed (OWS), every one of them, all in the Biden administration, doctors who pushed this failed dangerous injection, jail them!

They are going to play the age card for Fauci soon, bank on it, burrow money on it, they will tell you that you are beating up on an old man. Beware but do not let them get away.

These COVID injections are not just ineffective, but are very unsafe, especially to our children.

Every person who harmed people with their COVID lockdown lunacy, including medical doctors, Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, State Boards, we examine to see if they were reckless and caused harms needlessly and we jail them! We find the way to jail them! We let not of them get away from our clutches, no matter how long it takes. They stole 2.5 years and counting of your liberty and freedom and life and money, many could not hold on and killed themselves. Many children died, killed themselves, so they have to pay. The COVID lockdown lunacy must have accountability! Like the UK’s SAGE idiot in chief Michie telling us COVID restriction and containment measures and social distancing are to be forever: Sage scientist claims social distancing should remain ‘forever’ e.g. Michie: “Test, trace and isolate system, border controls are really essential…social distancing…wearing face masks…we’ll need to keep these going in the long term…I think forever.” This is one we punish.

Let us hold urgent public inquiries, urgent, well conducted, proper, legal, with good governance, proper proceedings, and if we find these people caused deaths, caused harms, their COVID policies, if it is shown, no here say, it must be robustly shown, conclusively, then we clean them out financially and then we jail them! We let not one of their families benefit from the money they made. We examine every dollar$ people got in COVID relief, we see where it went and any CEO of a hospital, any congressperson, every senator, any Prime Minister, any MP, MPP, any Premier, even President who benefitted with this money, whose families got COVID money, funneled to them, direct or indirect, to their buddies and families, we jail them!

This is not a mea culpa era. We get accountability.