Everything the government told us about COVID, from the virus, to lockdowns, to the COVID gene injection vaccine was a lie, 100% lie! PCR test was a lie, over-cycled, its a process, not a test!

by Paul Alexander

in US, ran at 45 cycles but anything over 24 detects viral dust, NOT COVID;

i)once cycles go to 24 and above, then you detect viral junk and non-culturable virus, non-infectious, non-lethal; that is, each cycle doubles the material in the test until they can identify the sample; in other words, we closed schools and locked society with a near 95%-97% false positive; declared positive but you never were; this was done to get you hysterical and scared when you were never infected or even infectious

In my opinion, this was deliberate


ii)they lied by saying natural immunity is inferior to vaccine immunity, a pure lie

iii)lied that there was asymptomatic transmission; people without symptoms cannot infect

iv)they lied that there was no early treatment

v)the lie that there was equal risk of severe outcome and death if exposed and infected, despite age and risk profile

vi) lied about recurrent infection pre Omicron era

vii)they lied that the vaccine would stop infection and transmission

viii)they lied about how dangerous the virus is and was, for it was always at or below seasonal influenza; Ioannidis showed that the IFR for those 70-75 years and below is 0.05%

ix)the mean and median age of death for COVID is 82 to 83 years yet life expectancy is about 79 years and as such, COVID did not cut life short and kills beyond life-expectancy; it killed and kills persons who are elderly and with medical conditions, always did and still does.

Every single aspect of the pandemic response was a lie! All of it!


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