Everything was a lie about COVID, all of it! COVID virus, lockdown lunacy, & this fraud COVID Pfizer/Moderna injection; all we needed day 1 was proper protection of elderly and let rest live normal

by Paul Alexander

All we needed day 1, was protect vulnerables & allow rest to live normal lives! nothing else! Everything was a fraud & caused deaths NEEDLESSLY! Lock them all up! all who did this to our populations!

Everything done, every single decision and action in COVID response and lockdown lunacy was a lie, in the Trump administration, in Biden’s, Trudeau’s, Boris Johnson’s, Macron etc. all…everyone of them, their governments, conspired and hurt their populations and we must get accountability!

Investigate them all, from Fauci to Bourla, to Walensky, to Birx, to Hahn…all of them, every single MP and MPP and senator and congressperson and leader and public health official and Task Force advisor…and examine each dollar$ of the PPE and PPP money in Canada and US and if any dollar was taken, stolen is the better term, then ensure we hold proper legal inquiries and if it is shown COVID policies caused deaths, we take every cent$ they have and jail them all! All involved!