"Evidence for Aerosol Transfer of SARS-CoV2-specific Humoral Immunity" (Kedl et al.): these researchers are claiming that vaccinal antibodies are transmitted alike aerosols, shed; what's the benefit?

by Paul Alexander

IMO, frightening for opens the door for crazies like Fauci & Francis Collins & Baric etc. to advance self-propagating vaccines; moreover, this can spread non-neutralizing Abs that drives variants

I cannot understand the purpose of this study or what they are trying to say.

These researchers do not seem to understand that our nightmare at present is that the vaccinal Abs are non-neutralizing and driving infectious variants to emerge due to sub-optimal immune pressure on the spike antigen; thus would they accept the transmission of antibodies from vaccinated persons in this manner that are going to drive more and more variants? The current set of COVID injections do not stop infection or transmission and do not sterilize the virus. The antibodies are in effect, worthless. We would not wish to transmit that. Needless to say the shots are not needed.

What is the value added of this piece of research? I do not think it is worthwhile. Let me think more about the value of this or what it adds. I am not even commenting on the methods here as trying to wrap my head around the concept as to if this is needed in the first place or if this would work within the confines of herd (community) immunity.