Evil, insane vision, inept, corrupted, fraud, illogical, deranged with their lockdown lunacy; What Birx & Fauci did to Trump conspiring against him (from inside WHITE HOUSE) was DELUSIONAL MADNESS!

by Paul Alexander

As Trump, Atlas, & myself fought with CDC & unions & NIH to open society, they conspired to keep it locked down, schools closed, regardless of the harms & deaths! Their policies KILLED our children!

Every single aspect of this COVID pandemic, was a pure flat lie! Everything, culminating in an ineffective non-sterilizing vaccine (infectious variant driving) that is very harmful, especially to our children!

Yes, lockdowns, it was a solution that was in constant want and search of data and evidence and Fauci and Birx had none, ZERO! A ‘lockdown’ contrived by Fauci and Birx (ugh), in search of a future emergency that would be posed as an authentic pandemic, which it was NOT! The aim was to slay a POTUS electorally! And they did it! These two, with others, sat a top of a deliberately manufactured pathogen, deliberately released, fake fraud lockdown lunacy (lockdown forever) that had no basis other than societal destruction, and a gene injection designed to fail! Yes, it was never needed and was always going to fail and they knew it! Using a fake, fraud, over-cycled PCR test (highly false positive, unreported cycle count threshold) as the basis!

All, to destroy his presidency and IMO, he allowed it! No doubt there are aspects we do not know, I agree. But we are reasonably smart people and even if not exact, we are near the target of what happened here. We know at the very least, the madness that was done to us!

A ‘lockdown’ in search of an emergency, like how Tamiflu was in search of a virus (and got influenza), like how Remdesivir (failed Ebola drug) was in search of a virus (and got COVID) and like how the COVID gene injections were in search of a virus (and got COVID)

yes, a reason so that they could hurt POTUS trump, and Birx and Fauci never ever had the underlying evidence to justify it, the lockdowns. The lockdowns, the fraud over-cycled RT-PCR test…all of it! So they just made it up, they made up sh*t daily, all of it, like so much they did in COVID, like the 6 feet social distancing rule. Redfield told me point blank, we made it up, yes, the 6 feet social distance rule was made up, no science to underpin this. Made up!

Yes, it was a ‘lockdown’ solution that was in constant want and search of data and evidence and Fauci and Birx had none, ZERO! These two (and some others) lied to Trump, deceived him, misled him, and failed him! He failed by not going with his initial gut and they got the upper hand, a blank ‘COVID response cheque’. He gave them full ‘lockdown lunacy’ control to go ahead and destroy his name and his presidency by ensuring that their COVID policies would fail! And did they fail! He allowed them to destroy his presidency! He failed to take the appropriate actions to remove all of these malfeasants. This is the reality and the lesson to be learnt.

‘Fifteen days to flatten the curve’ they said! What a bunch of fraudsters! Birx and Fauci knew what they had planned was lockdowns ‘FOREVER’’, a pure erosion of our rights, liberties, freedoms. They were going to ‘inch’ you there and lie to you (noble lies) to get you there! And actual malfeasance and deception. They stone cold lied! You just did not know it then! It was a matter of trust and they showed us why these technocrat freaks should have never ever been trusted. They killed us in return for our trust! Now they are coming after our babies and children with these dangerous failed COVID gene injections lead by FDA, CDC, NIH, and NIAID, with the malevolents in lead namely Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins, Fauci, and Walensky.

They know it now with the injection makers Moderna and Pfizer, they know that it is the injection, yes, the so called ‘vaccine’, that is causing infectious variants (not the virus) and that the pandemic will continue for 100 more years if this non-sterilizing injection is not stopped immediately! Yes, it is ‘the vaccine, stupid’! They know what happens (natural selection ‘selection pressure’) if there is sub-optimal non-neutralizing immune pressure on a target antigen. They know they are dooming the US population with this failed dangerous COVID injection. Yet they won’t stop!

These malevolents caused extensive and overwhelming human catastrophe and we must investigate them all, every last policy decision and every one of these people, no matter how high up, and if it is shown they did wrong, we take every penny they have$, and put them in jail if warranted! Jail them!

Birx and Fauci, two of the most ruthless devastating inept and corrupted technocrats to touch the government and be allowed near the White House; every single COVID lockdown lunatic policies by Birx was wrong and based on no science, total bullshit idiocy. Made up sh*t. Daily! On all of her craven lockdown lunatic policies and this fraud of a COVID vaccine. This ‘slow kill’ bioweapon, IMO this is what it is, poisoned pills!

They knew the statement of ‘equal risk’ if exposed regardless of age and risk, and asymptomatic spread was a 100% lie! Fauci and Birx knew this but foisted it upon us. Made up, no science to support this! They knew at that time (due to the COVID injection not yet driving massive natural selection infectious variants) that recurrent infection was a lie!

I can only describe what was done to Trump and his presidency and largely because of

1) his misunderstanding of the science (yes, he lacked the technical knowledge and it was clear in the decision (that he approved) to turn a 15 year vaccine development process into 5 months, so they (Francis Collins, Bourla of Pfizer, Bancel of Moderna, and Fauci, aka the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) had an easy time misleading and bullshitting him, to our grave peril),

2) the inept corrupted and inept COVID Task Force members (not all) that was at best a daily clown car show,

3) the bullshit deception by Azar at HHS including his devastating approval of liability protection to all the malfeasants and vaccine makers etc., when this was an experimental, untried gene delivery platform, prior shown to be unsafe and dangerous

4) his wrongful reliance on COVID advisors and people in his orbit he thought were advising him accurately and benevolently for the best for Americans, and

5) the hatred of America (and determination to destroy it) by high level technocrats and bureaucrats within the US aka the deepstate),

as near criminal IMO, criminal negligence and utter deception by all involved. I especially include medical doctors and academic and research scientists and with the evidence-based medicine world and medical journals, who went along and helped contrive and drive and mainstream the ‘natural immunity inferiority’ lies and the ‘effectiveness and safety lies’ of this clearly ineffective and unsafe COVID gene injection. They collectively lied and deceived us all, and they benefitted.

Fauci and Birx and others, worked with the CDC & NIH’s Francis Collins and WHO (CDC, NIH, & FDA) to take down a sitting POTUS Trump; they took down a sitting POTUS; he just did not know how much they were hollowing out his presidency with their lockdowns; why? he had inept, clueless, moronic hanger-ons around him, yes, ‘the call was coming form inside the house’…one moment these idiots were handing out lawn signs, the next day, working in the administration, kind of like Biden…they destroyed Trump with their lockdown lunacy. They knew what they were doing, the key was to make Trump’s response look inept, unhinged, ungovernable, unmanageable, failing, yet it was their COVID lockdown lunacy that Trump approved and they enacted. It is their COVID policies that harmed the nation.

Fauci & Birx, with CDC, FDA, NIH officials, and WHO at the highest levels, and China, conspired to take out our POTUS Trump; and they did it; he failed, he failed and this is on him, to fire them day 1 and punish them all, using his Justice system; he failed, and this is a fact, and we are here today, fucked because of the lock downs and school closures initiated under him, that caused our kids to kill themselves, we were unable to bury our dead due to lockdown lunacy, nothing, we are here because of the lockdown lunacy Trump failed to quash, and then his failure to stop this OWS vaccine development insane ineffective and harmful injection…he failed.

He Trump, was not a scientist and really wanted to help and fix this, but they screwed him, Fauci and Birx and others, we know who they are, they destroyed his 4th year. He could have never succeeded. I still support him but cannot understand why today he will not call out the lockdowns and school closures as the failures they were and the devastating failed COVID injections. They have killed and will killed many Americans, our precious military and police and nurses and front line. Our people. The decision to bring these injections is unforgivable and he must stand up to say NO for the children, to protect them.

We have to stand our ground now and say ‘NEVER’ for our kids! There was never and is no science, no evidence, none, to warrant giving our near statistical zero risk children (for severe outcome or death if infected with COVID), an injection that confers no benefit to them, and is shown to be very harmful. This injection will subvert and damage their developing potent innate immune system (innate antibodies and NK cells) that will leave them in a catastrophic risk situation life long, especially to auto-immune disease. These COVID injections will kill many American children, Canadian children etc.

I only write and share a sliver, a taste for all will come to the forefront in time, but I wanted to make my view on Birx’s insane new book, known. It borders on fiction and vacuousness and inanity. It is pure drivel, make believe, and tripe. It is clear she was deceptive and malfeasant to the US and the population and still lives in la la land! Nothing she says can be backed by any science, and she and they all know it! Her role with Fauci was to damage and take down a sitting POTUS, and look around, they did it! They destroyed Trump’s glorious successful presidency (up to January 2020), from within, and caused him re-election. The election fraud debate is separate and I am not going there in this piece. They did it as Trojan Horses, bearing gifts of ‘helping us’, ‘oh, listen to us, we will help fix this, we are the smart ones’, yet they only delivered death and destruction, these most inept, most stupid corrupted, moronic people and how they got their hands on so much power to hurt us this way, I blame Trump! He failed to fire these idiots day 1! Trump failed! I have no other way of saying it! I still am a huge MAGA, make America great forever!

We knew mid April that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and baseline risk was prognostic on severity and death. We knew COVID operated with a strict age-risk steep gradient. We knew about the benefits and need to take a focused protection approach and not impose policies across all age groups that had no risk. We knew of early treatment (re Zelenko et al.) and that all lockdown polices were doomed to fail and hurt economically, societally, and personally. We knew, they knew, school closures would cause the deaths of children, NOT the virus. As blunt as I may be, it was known by Fauci and Birx but they were power drink and with CDC and NIH had a POTUS to slay electorally…had to make him seem incapable and the nation ungovernable under him.

Failed, dangerous disease models and thinking, no capacity or technical skills in public health or epidemiology whatsoever! I refer here to Fauci and Birx. Two failed corrupted fraudsters! Fraud public health officials. Who hurt the US population. Every single statement they made re COVID was contrived, political, biased, lacked any scientific basis, specious, illogical and irrational. Pure junk science, pseudo-science and still that is being too generous! Flat wrong on all! Paper thin so called ‘experts’. Like the new addition to the Biden COVID clown car show, Dr. Ashish ‘snake oil salesman’ Jha.

I was there. HHS. Senior Pandemic advisor! It was madness! I sat in many calls Fauci and Task Force members made to the office I was connected to, and I could hear. Across time there were Fauci’s threats he and his camp would leak to the press we were muzzling him and the science. That is what Trump faced daily, an insane corrupted media with Task Force conspirators threatening to get Press to leak the WH was muzzling them. Daily. I heard things that would fascinate, anger, enrage you! That the pandemic response alike how it is purely failed and bogus and political under Biden, was not a public health response, but also a political response under Trump. Trump tried, I have to say, he tried hard. The people in the Task Force IMO save Giroir, worked against Trump and hurt his presidency. The public health alphabet agencies worked against Trump. They all did! Result, today we have police and military who are vaccine injured, and they do not know it, YET! It is coming.

Yes, I dealt with them too based on the office I was assigned to, similarly as I grew to know scientists and officials at CDC, NIH, FDA, Moderna, and Pfizer as to the vaccine development who came to me secretly to share their grave concerns about the lack of safety of the COVID vaccines and the entire OWS vaccine development process. No doubt, they feared for their lives and careers and income. Note, my office was on the 6th floor of HHS, and Moderna’s office was on the 7th and so was the nerve center of Operation Warp Speed (OWS).

But Trump is at fault, as he allowed Fauci and Birx to take control of the lockdown lunacy and this hurt the people terribly, and caused deaths. Fauci and Birx lockdown lunacy killed Americans. No benefit, just deaths. We looked at the science completely, and found no instance, in the entire world, in the US, not one, where any lockdown, school closures, busines closures, or mask mandate worked. Every single one failed! Approximately 500 studies show the failures of lockdowns etc. and an iterating review on failures of COVID surgical masks and white cloth and man made masks. Lockdown failuresMask failures.

Trump, for his legacy, and to tell the public the truth, has to fix this with a proper accounting and discussion! His decisions caused harm and he has to come clean and explain why, as much as I still have great respect for all he did and did consider him the greatest at his prime. Greatest. I think he is truly a good human being. Lover of land, flag, culture, military, police, all the great patriot qualities. I thought was going down as the greatest POTUS ever! January 2020 and to come. His failures however were cataclysmic, as he failed to constrain Fauci and Birx and it was a catastrophic failure, all at once the greatest POTUS, yet at the same time, now sits on top of two of the greatest public health disasters ever. In history! And somehow he still does not understand this!

These 2 (Birx and Fauci) were the greatest hucksters and failures in HIV/AIDS yet lauded; all they did with others, I grew to know many, is get agencies set up and donor funding in their corrupted pockets…these beasts got billions in corrupted agencies (for them and buddies, HIV research was a piggy bank slush fund, a putrid hot mess, many of these freaks got rich on HIV and many in the Gay community died, pimped out) not to help HIV infected people, no, to enrich themselves. These researcher types live a different ‘donor money’ ‘government money’ life, high life. Wines and cheeses. Wining and dining on your tax dollars$ and purely inept.

Never ever accomplishing anything of substance. It was always a fraud and fake, the WHO and UNAIDS, all of it, US PEPFAR etc. all of it, I know, I know and worked with many…this was a ponzi ‘get rich scheme’’ for them. This entire research arena is nothing about research. It is about taking your tax payer money, these bitches created a way to enrich themselves and live nice. They drink and be merry on your dime! Decades now. In your face! All a game of deceit! Because ‘you’ TRUST they are doing good by you! They are not, never were!

The lockdown by global nations was because of the US’s initial lockdown March 16th 2020, and so the rest of the world followed. They had no choice and many, I argue the majority never ever wanted to lockdown. Some told me. People told be secretly e.g. state department type folk from nations, that they feared the US would black list them, stop exports etc. and cut money transfers (western union etc.). To the ability I had to share my opinion, I told them in health departments who spoke to me that Trump would not do that…yet in my mind I knew he was powerless to the deep state.