Ex-Defense Secretary Ashton Carter Dies After ‘Sudden Cardiac Event’; now tell us if he got the fraud ineffective harmful COVID mRNA vaccine & if you are doing an autopsy to see effects of spike

by Paul Alexander

Please do an autopsy, it will be good for the nation & world, for this is why this madness continues, no autopsies are being done for they know what it will show, MASSIVE clots & spike protein damage

It is very sad many young people and he was young, are dropping like flies and crickets in the media.

Too many people are dying in their sleep. Too many.

I pray for his rest in peace as we should for all.

We warn again, many are vaccine injured, many who took the COVID vaccine will die in time, this vaccine was never ever safe and regardless of if you seem ok today, you are vaccine injured, you just do not know it. I blame the government and all the health alphabet agencies and their fraud leaders like Fauci and Francis Collins and the demons like Bourla and Bancel. I want all of these people in a docket under examination, separate, and questioned in detail. I want them cleaned out financially if shown to have caused deaths. And imprisoned.

Something stinks to high heavens.