"Ex-Navy SEAL who transitioned from male to female says he's now transitioning BACK: Blasts VA for giving him hormones after an hour-long consultation"; I only hope he did not remove his xxxxx, yikes

by Paul Alexander

calls sex change 'the worst mistake of my life'; Kristin Beck says he was used by a Veterans Affairs doctor & other activists to push & 'normalize' what he says is the radical transgender agenda




‘A retired Navy SEAL who made headlines after transitioning from male to female has switched back to the gender of his birth and slammed trans activists he says 'took advantage' of him. 

Kristin Beck, 55, has detransitioned and reverted to his previous name, Chris Beck. He called transitioning 'the worst mistake' of his life and described being given hormones after a one-hour consultation at Veterans Affairs. 

He came out as trans in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper in 2013. Beck underwent grueling facial feminization surgery, but stopped short of genital surgery.’