Example of a moron (Adam Goodman), an uninformed reckless societal member telling you he got ill because of the COVID vaccine but still took more boosts because he accepted 'collateral' role, this

by Paul Alexander

ding dong, reckless as he wrote Globe and Mail piece was to coerce you, still does not get it so I will write it again, "COVID shot don't stop transmission" idiot, so where is/was societal protection?

Wrote this in January 2022, I wonder if he would say the same words today given the devastation we have faced as to harms and deaths due to this shot. He took the Pfizer and was uninformed in what he wrote and he should retract it. He was on the juice, sadly. Is it our civic duty to take a vaccine that was not safety tested and which does not stop transmission so no societal benefit? Where is the civic duty? This lawyer should fix the record for history will record him as uninformed and reckless. Stupid even. His piece and as a lawyer, may have coerced others to take it and they may have died. This is the recklessness about this Globe and Mail piece and I thank WM for reminding me.