EXCESS (all-cause mortality) deaths: Why the silence? Why the ignorance and pretense, as the data is clear in that something, likely the COVID gene injection vaccine, has contributed to this!

by Paul Alexander

We are talking about deaths from all causes in one period compared to a prior period, and if there is excess, that is defined as 'excess deaths' or 'excess mortality'. We have strong clear data!

Let me state as clearly as I can, I am against these COVID gene injections and you do not need them. Your healthy child does not need it. Stop! No more! These shots are ineffective, are driving infectious variants, and potentially lethal, and also, are incredibly harmful. These COVID shots kill normally healthy people. Stop!

We now have a pandemic of sudden death from unknown causes.

All-cause mortality (excess mortality) is critical to examine. Excess mortality, which compares observed deaths to the deaths that are expected in the absence of the pandemic (absence of the virus), is a useful measure for assessing the total effect of the pandemic on mortality levels.

Excess deaths = observed deaths - expected deaths.

I present you key data again so that you can really assess the issue and we can bring to the forefront that it is the all-cause mortality (excess mortality) that is a serious bellwether in terms of the harms of the COVID vaccines. It is the ‘canary in the coal mine’. That we must pay attention to. Deaths beyond what was expected and what could be explained by specific policies or actions e.g. vaccine roll out etc. We have to be bold and brave enough to infer via timelines of when the shots began and the boosters and the deaths post shots. Relative to if there was anything happening at that time when deaths increased that could at least partially account for the surge in deaths.

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See this report:

U.S. life expectancy drops again, marking worst 2-year decline in a century

‘U.S. life expectancy estimates have fallen to the worst levels since 1996, according to a new federal report, marking the second straight year of plummeting estimates in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Health officials say the drop in life expectancy from 2019 to 2021 — falling by 2.7 years to 76.1 – is now the country's worst two-year decline on record since 1923, according to provisional estimates published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics.’

What are we seeing as to unexpected and excess deaths? Well, Rab Wardell dies in his sleep. Top Scottish cyclist. Incurred a cardiac arrest. Vaccine. This death shocked the world. Yet we have many, many deaths now that are sudden, often involving cardiac arrest and young persons, athletes. Something is wrong and these deaths are now being classed as ‘death from unknown cause’.

Yet, it should be no surprise since in Scotland as an example, deaths are above average for the last 25 to 30 weeks of 2022, 10-11% above average and so this is what we mean by excess mortality.

The USA:

Let us examine the US for a bit.


Excess all-cause mortality across counties in the United States, March 2020 to December 2021

This report published as a pre-print medRxiv 2022 May 17;2022.04.23.22274192., doi: 10.1101/2022.04.23.22274192, raises many troubling questions on excess mortality in the US.

What does the report show for the US in terms of excess deaths?

“In the present study…produce county-level estimates of excess mortality for 3,127 counties between March 2020 and December 2021.”

“An estimated 936,911 excess deaths occurred during 2020 and 2021, of which 171,168 (18.3%) were not assigned to Covid-19 on death certificates as an underlying cause of death.” These are non-COVID extra or excess deaths. So in 2020 and 2021, there are more deaths in the US beyond what was expected. Were deaths in 2021 (excess) due to the vaccine from the initial 2 shots?

“The proportion of excess deaths assigned to Covid-19 was lower in 2020 (76.3%) than in 2021 (87.0%), suggesting that a larger fraction of excess deaths was assigned to Covid-19 later in the pandemic.”

Why? I find this very troubling. Why are the excess deaths not causing an investigation? Why no investigation by CDC, NIH, FDA? Why is not one clamoring about this. We have to understand this and it is appalling that governments and health agencies like the CDC and NIH etc. are not studying this. They have the data, even line listed granular data. The data is there, the autopsy data is there. We have trained pathologists who can do this. There are clear safety signals here and something stinks to high heavens as if the leaders DO NOT want to know the underlying cause of these excess deaths.

Additional data is available from the U.S. Society of Actuaries Research Institute. ‘Now to excess deaths in America broken down by age; 25 to 54 year olds, take a look at the excess deaths in America. This 3rd Q of 2021 was the peak of vaccine mandates in the US (see table below).

The U.S. Society of Actuaries Research Institute has issued a report on mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic which includes around 90% of all Group Term Life insurance, thus providing quite a broad picture of excess mortality among the insured during the period up to and including Q1 2022.

As might be expected, 80% of the excess claims over the period are related to COVID-19. In 2020, after the pandemic struck, but before vaccines were available, we see a surge in COVID-19 related excess mortality, but interestingly around a quarter of all the excess mortality is not COVID-19 related. This suggests that lockdowns and restrictions were already having a strong impact on mortality. The vaccination programme started in December 2020 but really took of in Q1 2021 when 172 million doses were administered. The cumulative growth in COVID-19 cases was much slower in Q1 2021 than towards the end of 2020, but interestingly we see a large spike in COVID-19 related excess mortality during this period.

The most interesting period in 2021 however is Q3, where not only COVID-19-related but Non-COVID-19 excess mortality spikes up to almost 9%, then falls in Q4 and remains at around 5% throughout Q1 2022, which is an alarming figure.

When those figures are broken down by age we see a staggering rise in excess mortality in younger age-groups, close to and even up to double the expected mortality for people between 25 and 55. The report does not provide a deeper analysis of this, such as breaking it down according to cause of death. So, what might cause the deaths of twice as many people in their prime of life compared with what might be expected in a normal situation? What was different?

The report provides good data on mortality during the pandemic and it will be interesting to see how Q2 this year plays out, given that we see indications of worrying excess mortality not explained by COVID-19 in many countries. Further analysis, especially of the staggering mortality figures among younger people, is urgently needed. It is high time to recognize and honestly start focusing on the potentially devastating effect of the mass-vaccination drive.’


Let us now plot as updated a graph (using the repository ‘Our World in Data’) as possible to examine deaths, so as to assess the ‘excess mortality’. I will stretch the lines to flatten them out as much as possible to see if we can view them more clearly to get a good sense of the extent of excess (I plotted from beginning February, 2022 to end of May 2022 (beginning June 2022) and this period is trying to cover post boosters (3rd and 4th dose)):

See the 0% line (horizontal).

New Zealand, Ireland etc. you can be see way above 10% etc.

Let us look at the UK and United States a bit closer (below) and the key is to focus on the 2022 period post boosters so I stretched and focused the dates to 2022 for both nations. What happened in the US say from March 2022? Was it booster? I tend to say YES, it is the initial shots and booster and the data tracks near clearly! We see above that Q3 of 2021, there is a spike in deaths in 25-55 year olds. Why? What happened prior to contribute to this? The U.S. Society of Actuaries Research Institute report was staggering as outlined above in DailySkeptic. SOURCE

The critical issue is that the vulnerable in society, the elderly, those immune-compromised, those with many medical conditions etc., would have died during 2020 and across 2021. One can think of it this way and accept this and it makes sense. Thus now late 2021 and across 2022 when COVID has gotten so very mild with sub-variants that are causing mild cold-like symptoms, then we would have expected that in 2022, even less deaths from COVID.

The ‘low-hanging’ fruit or vulnerables would have already been taken from us in 2020 and 2021 via the initial more lethal Wuhan strains. Not the present Omicron mild sub-variant BA.4 and BA.5 clades (and prior mild Delta). We would have even seen that observed and expected mortality graph lines to be roughly trending together for it has become clear that the force of mortality in 2020 from COVID was not appreciable where a clear distinction could be seen. I argue that in the end we will look back and see that for 2020, excess mortality was not significant and that COVID did not cause devastatingly elevated deaths beyond expected.

However, it is clear that mortality surges post vaccine and in the 2022 period post boosters, we can see it in the US and in fact, if the low-hanging fruit would have died already (the elderly etc. in 2020), then we would even expect the expected mortality to be much lower. In fact, no excess mortality. Yet we are seeing it in the US and other nations and something is causing these deaths and it is not the virus. Some argue it could be delayed deaths due to people not seeking medical care during 2020 and that this is now playing out. It is likely that some of those delayed deaths may be within the excess mortality, but it is becoming clearer now and across high vaccine nations particularly, that excess deaths are following a pattern that tracks with vaccine. In other words, I am arguing that the COVID gene injection is the driver of these deaths and I am joined by other prominent scientists globally, in this assessment. We have to urgently study this and we must enlist the help of pathologists to assess the exact mortality cause so that we can definitively know why.

My money is riding on the COVID gene injection.

Staggeringly, when we look at the European data below by Kuhbandner & Reitzner, overall, during the year 2020 the observed number of deaths was very close to the expected number, yet in 2021 the observed number of deaths was way (markedly) above the expected number and in the order of 2 times the empirical standard deviation. The analysis of the age-dependent monthly excess mortality showed, that a high excess mortality observed in the age groups between 15 and 79 starting from April 2021 is responsible for the excess mortality in 2021. The 40 to 49 year old group was staggeringly elevated in 2021. An analysis of the number of stillbirths revealed a similar mortality pattern than observed for the age group between 15 and 79 years. There is a strong covariation between excess mortality and the vaccination campaigns in Germany (doses 1 to 4).

My argument is that this trend in Germany, where excess mortality is clear from about April to May 2021 is due to the first roll-out (1st and 2nd shots). The fact that observed and expected graph lines near roughly mirror each other (up and down) shows that COVID’s force of mortality was not that significant above expected, while we cannot discount that COVID did take our precious elderly and those who were vulnerable FIRST. This makes sense. The fact that we see across the age band 15 to 79 I argue will be seen across nations once the studies are done.

Again I ask, why are they not being done and to see 40 to 49 year olds, in the prime of their lives, simply dying means something has caused the deaths outside of the virus. From the beginning of 2021, the force of COVID had already been mitigated largely and excess deaths can only really be explained by the ravages of not seeking care (hospitals being closed in 2020 and 2021 and persons afraid to go to the hospital and also, horribly, elective procedures were stopped and now the sequalae worsened in the afflicted persons who could not get care). Something happened across the world and specifically in the high vaccinated nations (and in seemingly younger healthy populations), that has caused ‘excess mortality (all-cause mortality).

We have to take our heads out of the sand and focus on this. We have too many young healthy persons suddenly dying, athletes, doctors, people in the prime of their lives. Young and middle aged people. People dying in their sleep, young people, teens (Michigan boy dies in his sleep three days after getting vaccine). This does not happen normally. Never did! Get our pathologists to examine these deaths now for I am saying as clearly as I can, these are due to the COVID gene injection.

Look at the data across Germany now on excess mortality:

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More data out of Europe:

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What about this from Netherlands:

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