Exclusive — Will Scharf: Jack Smith Engaged in ‘Highly Irregular Conduct’ in Trump Prosecutions (Breitbart explosive piece by DIXON-HAMILTON); “The Biden [Department of Justice] declined to prosecute"

by Paul Alexander

Will Scharf, a Republican candidate for attorney general in Missouri, told Breitbart News that Special Counsel Jack Smith has engaged in “highly irregular conduct” in his pursuit of Trump


‘Scharf discussed all three of Trump’s criminal cases with Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle. Scharf noted that Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of Trump in Manhattan fulfills his campaign promise to go after Trump, despite his office initially deciding not to pursue any charges against the former president.’

‘Scharf explained that Bragg “looped in federal election law, to essentially turn this thing from a misdemeanor to a felony.”’

‘“The Biden [Department of Justice] declined to prosecute Trump for these election law violations. So even the Biden DOJ looked at this, decided there was nothing to it, and then Bragg, nevertheless, you know, ran full speed ahead,” Scharf explained.’