Exosomes & Spike protein: how long does it circulate in the blood post COVID vaccination? BANSAL says 4 months at least; The Journal of Immunology "Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein..."

by Paul Alexander

Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein Are Induced by BNT162b2 (Pfizer–BioNTech) Vaccination prior to Development of Antibodies: A Novel Mechanism for Immune Activation by mRNA Vaccines

The key message is that the spike protein (if indeed circulating for at least 4 months post vaccine) causes inflammation in your blood vessels e.g. arteries, veins etc. and all your organs have blood vessels around them.

How long does spike protein remain in the blood? Seems at least 4 months as per Bansal and this has tremendous implications in terms of risks due to the toxic effects of the spike protein and constant immune responding and inflammation. No one knows when the cells stop making the spike protein as no one has done the studies to show when the spike ceases to exist. The issue is that the spike causes massive inflammation in your blood vessels and all your organs have vessels around them. This causes chronic elevated inflammation and can lead to eventual failure. Pathologists are constantly seeing spike protein in tissues and no nucleocapsid present indicating that the response was due to vaccine ONLY, not infection. If you are seeing Abs to spike only and no nucleocapsid, then that means vaccine exposure only, not natural exposure infection.



“To determine the mechanism, we analyzed the kinetics of induction of circulating exosomes with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and Ab following vaccination of healthy individuals. Results demonstrated induction of circulating exosomes expressing spike protein on day 14 after vaccination followed by Abs 14 d after the second dose. Exosomes with spike protein, Abs to SARS-CoV-2 spike, and T cells secreting IFN-γ and TNF-α increased following the booster dose. Transmission electron microscopy of exosomes also demonstrated spike protein Ags on their surface.

Exosomes with spike protein and Abs decreased in parallel after four months.”

I enlarged the last sentence for it is the key one for this discussion.

See this on genetic stability: