'Expect more worrisome variants after omicron, scientists say' AND they are correct, we have been saying this; you keep MASS vaccinating using this non-sterilizing vaccine, then YES, presto, variants

by Paul Alexander

Mass vaccination using an imperfect leaky non-sterilizing vaccine in the midst of a pandemic (as now), underestimates the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve/adapt, & natural selection


Get ready to learn more Greek letters. Scientists warn that omicron’s whirlwind advance practically ensures it won’t be the last version of the coronavirus to worry the world.”

You can never ever get to population-level herd immunity if you cannot tame the transmission or cut the chain of transmission, its that simple. These vaccines do not cut transmission so 100%, we will never get to herd immunity and we never could and the vaccine developers knew this day 1. They have continuously lied to the public.

Yes, you would be foolish to think that this sub-optimal vaccine program would NOT result in variants. The only issue is would we drive emergence of a pathogenic variant that can be a real problem for humanity. It could threaten humanity if highly infectious and pathogenic at the same time. There is a risk of this happening. Small but real.

Not as a broken record but I repeat: It is the mass vaccination (of the population, hundreds of thousands and millions at a time, very large cohorts at a time), during the epidemic-pandemic (while the virus is circulating), in the midst of massive infectious pressure (from the virus trying to infect the population), and while the population is mounting an immune response, that is the rate limiting step. You are loading your weapon (vaccinal antibodies) as the enemy (circulating virus) is attacking. You always want to vaccinate when the battle field is clear, before the virus circulated, out of season so to speak. We do this normally.

We are not talking about more targeted vaccinations in high risk groups. No, we mean mass vaccination across the population and rapid, where the mounting immune pressure (response) is sub-optimal where the vaccinal antibodies are not yet mature and developed, still needing time, yet as it is mounting in the population, the virus is placing the population under massive infectious pressure. Trying to infect. The immune system also is placing immune pressure on the virus (the spike). The virus is responding to any action we take societally to limit its spread, and if that action is sub-optimal and not potent to wipe out the virus, then it is like applying incomplete antibiotics for an infection, and what happens when you do not take the drug for the full dose or course. You drive drug-resistant bacteria. Same here with virus, and think of the vaccine same as an antibiotic.

The variants/mutants are in the environment all the time. It is the variants in the environment (from you when infected) that can overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure and go on to infect, which are then selected out by natural selection, as they are the ‘fittest’ as they show they are infectious and can thrive and proliferate and overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure. These variants are selected out to go forward as they have a fitness advantage. These then become the dominant variant e.g. Delta, Omicron etc.

So the short answer is ‘YES’, we can drive the emergence of variants by the continual mass vaccination using a non-sterilizing non-neutralizing vaccine. If the vaccine sterilized the virus, then that is a whole different discussion. If we want to keep this pandemic ongoing for many years and create a disaster for the population, or world, we continue this mass vaccination. If we want to harm our children, we then vaccinate them with these vaccines that will subvert, outcompete, suppress their traditionally potent first line of defense innate antibodies…this will leave them defenseless to a broad range of pathogen…the innate antibodies are suppressed and indications are that the vaccinal antibodies may not neutralize the virus yet still bind to it, thus blocking the innate antibodies.

Geert Vanden Bossche’s novel theory is worth considering for he postulates that with Omicron being so very resistant to the vaccinal antibodies, then the vaccinal antibodies no longer outcompetes the innate antibodies for the antigen (spike), and thus it frees up or ‘sets the innate antibodies free’ once again to neutralize the virus (sterilize). This is possibly why the sequelae with OMICRON is so mild and short lived as the innate antibodies are working efficiently as they usually do, now freed up by the resistance of OMICRON to the vaccinal antibodies. The resistance of OMICRON is more like a ‘gift’ to the innate immune system, so to speak. Setting it free. It is fascinating a theory and is plausible and I ascribe. Given what we are seeing with the symptoms of OMICRON.

And yes, expect more variants as this news piece by AP suggests, but it is ‘WE’ with this dangerous mass vaccination using sub-optimal vaccines that do not stop infection or transmission (do not sterilize the virus), that would be the cause.

In short: the virus cannot be contained by these vaccines. You are vaccinating large parts of the population and the immune pressure will mount by the population. Normally the immune pressure will kill or eliminate the virus but not in this case as the vaccine is non-sterilizing. So if the vaccines cannot contain the spread of the virus, and you mass vaccinate, you will get more infectious variants. Enhanced propagation of more infectious variants.

These vaccines have no sterilizing capacity. You will never contain the spread of the virus. Ever, and how do you stop the variants, well, you stop it by stopping this vaccination. And you do not touch our children with these vaccines.