‘Extremely disappointed’ Novak Djokovic flees Australia tonight; so they throw him out; well, to me, tell the Aussies to shove it up their arses and never ever go there again; laughing stock

by Paul Alexander

Australia is so insane, like New Zealand, they locked down too long and too hard, waited a vaccine that has failed, and now are trapped; people living like animals, no natural immunity to protect them

What will seal the deal in Australia is a firm mask mandate outdoors, in your washroom...a bunch of moronic idiots. wanting to lock down more, and harder…more and more…these polices don't affect the café latte class in Australia, these beasts…while suffering their people…and the people ‘let’ them. the people in Australia have been punished and bullied for 2 years.

Tell Australia shove up their arses…shove it, what a bunch of sick govn people, and actual people…I mean, this can only go on ‘if the people want it so’…yet there is push back but I think the Aussies like this…

Great that he stands his ground, let them pop vaccines out their eyeballs, you take none…I guess these assholes did not see even the inept corrupt China owned WHO say boosters are a problem, or the EU etc…what a bunch of sick people…deranged now..

That's their problem and the health idiots knows it, they locked down too hard, and waited for a failed vax and now if open up will have infections and the deaths did not have will now come to the susceptible vulnerables…delayed the inevitable…

Now if they were not so stupid and they have shown to be that stupid, I mean the people are allowing this insanity on themselves, then they would understand that all that is needed is to:

  1. protect their elderly strongly, ensure the nursing homes are tamped down

  2. have early treatment on the ready including monoclonal antibodies and nasal/oral mouth wash povidone iodine, hydrogen peroxide that have been shown effective

  3. supplement the nation with vit D etc. and good neutraceuticals; reduce some body weight though I am not inclined to think they have an obesity problem, the west like US, UK, Canada had and that accounted for massive deaths

  4. and let the rest of society live free, taking reasonable precautions; no lockdowns, no school closures, etc. just open up and let the nation embrace omicron, the healthy and well, and get immune…these idiots did not understand that by locking down so long and so hard, they are like a sponge now waiting to soak up virus…same with New Zealand…good news is Omicron has come as a gift, embrace it…use it to get out of this vaccine insanity and use it instead of vaccine that offers no protection and is even harmful


‘Extremely disappointed’ Novak Djokovic flees Australia tonight

Novak Djokovic has boarded a flight and left Australia after he failed to overturn Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s decision to cancel his visa.

Benedict BrookJames Matthey and Nic Savage13 min read January 16, 2022 - 11:48PM
Novak Djokovic left Australia on Sunday night after the 20-time grand slam champion’s legal team failed to overturn Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s decision to cancel his visa.

Djokovic, looking forlorn and wearing a mask, was pictured under AFP police escort at Melbourne Airport.