F*ck your ineffective face masks, F*ck your fraud deadly mRNA Pfizer & Moderna COVID gene injection vaccine, F*ck your vaccine passports, F*ck your climate green scam, F*ck your digital ID & CBDCs

by Paul Alexander

F*ck social credit bullsh*t, F*ck your wars, F*ck all you did to us with COVID lockdown lunacy for we will hold you to account, as long as it takes, you are the COVID Taliban, we be the COVID hunters

First, my mother is angry at me for this as my aunt called her to complain “did you hear what Paul wrote in his media posting?” Imagine that, my mom now is on my case.

Yes, ‘the big Kill’ is coming and I credit my friend Dr. Hodkinson for coining this phrase. #diedsuddenly. Yes, why is ‘died suddenly’ one of the most searched up words in media today? This hashtag #diedsuddenly

We did not deserve this as good people. They had their sick twisted hegemony dark intent, but did not have to harm us en route.

This is the Christmas we celebrate our faiths, our religion, our Lord, life, our families, we be civil, good governance, peaceful, law abiding always, and we stand up now and wake to fu*k up and understand this is a real war, a real battle for your life and future and what you will leave for your children and grand children.

They have waged war on us for 3 years now and they will not stop. We have to stop them at the ballot box and courts. We have no choice.

This is war, they are fighting war with you, know the enemy and respond with clear thinking. Use your critical thinking now.

Fu*k them all for now every single vaccinated person with those fraud COVID shots have some vaccine injury. Yes. Pfizer and Moderna know this, Fauci et al. know this. They fu*ked your natural innate and adaptative immunity long-term. They cannot prove in any manner, how this fraud shot benefitted you for they know it never ever worked. All of it was a lie! All, this entire pandemic fraud for a dark reason we will come to learn soon.

Fu*k everything you did to us the last 3 years, the sense of hopelessness, despair, helplessness, powerlessness. You filthy spiritually empty malfeasant people. Academically sloppy incompetent malfeasants at CDC, NIH, FDA and NIAID. All who stood back and partook knowing the fraud of your actions.

You beasts, you COVIDian Taliban, you Fauci and Francis Collins et al. damaged and killed it all, you killed clinical medicine for no one trusts any doctor anymore. You killed academic research, university education, you killed evidence-based medicine/EBM, you killed medical journal publishing, you killed it all in your putrid quests.

We (you, all readers here, all of us) are uniquely powerful people, individuals, young and old and for all the good you ever do, we praise and credit you and thank you. And for all the wrongs in COVID, we will ensure we get justice and accountability in the legal process, tribunals, hearings. We must.

I give a lot of credit to Emerald Robinson for her bravery, none like her. Over the target always.