Fabian Spieker (Vigilance per VAERS) provides data showing in Germany that the COVID gene injection boosters are driving COVID waves of infections/cases & EXCESS mortality! Strong correlation of 0.63

by Paul Alexander

German booster waves precede German COVID-19 waves by 13 weeks (in line with VAERS); proportion of people who have received a booster dose & respective average weekly excess mortality 0.63 Pearson r

See straightforward scholarship by Spieker (support him), excellent work using German data. Key findings:

‘Boosters are causing excess mortality by making people more susceptible to severe COVID-19 which I deduce from the following observations:

  1. Each of the 3 waves of booster administrations is followed by a wave of COVID-19 cases 13 weeks later and a wave of excess mortality 15-16 weeks later.

  2. VAERS reports show a peak in reports about COVID-19 pneumonia in the 14th week after administration of a booster dose.

  3. The Pearson correlation between the average weekly excess mortality rate of 2022 and the proportion of people who have received a booster is 0.63 (strong).

  4. The 2 states with the lowest excess mortality rates are the ones with the lowest booster rates.

  5. Extended booster vaccination has been shown to induce humoral and cellular immune tolerance in mice.’

See Spieker’s work here:

Vigilance per VAERS
Excess deaths and boosters by state in Germany
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