Fauci and one of his lies, he and Birx lied to the nation and world and told us this was spread asymptomatically so you had to mask and lock down...this and the lie about recurrent infection

by Paul Alexander

He lied about we are all at = risk if exposed, about no early treatment, about vaccine better than natural immunity etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrAvjU2LBkg

This one video shows how easily Fauci lies and how he forgets…he forgot he said this then soon after he was on same podium telling us we had to mask and lock down to stop spread for we were all asymptomatic and did not know it…and had 15 year old Johnny under his mom’s bed with his teddy bear scared he was at the same risk as 90 year old granny with 3 underlying medical conditions…and Johnny still wont come out to play…Fauci and Birx lied repeatedly and deceived Trump and the nation…they caused thousands of deaths by their policies.

I wanted to remind you of this video….