FAUCI & BIRX lockdowns and school closures killed people & children; POTUS Trump grave mistake allowing vaccine developers and CDC & NIH LIABILITY PROTECTION; POTUS Biden, remove liability protection!

by Paul Alexander

POTUS Trump is wrong to say lockdowns saved lies, that is INCORRECT, it never did and costed lives; protestors should have been pardoned, peaceful ones, POTUS Biden, lead by pardoning them!

No liability = no trust.

If there is no liability for vaccine developers and CDC etc., then there is no trust of the vaccines for children. End the liability protection.

But let me start with the good news; the pandemic has been over IMO 15 months now and today, I can say for sure it is done. OMICRON killed it and this is beautiful. Infections and cases are falling all over the US.

It is time we moved on with our lives as we turn though, to hold accountable all who did wrong in this pandemic response, including these vaccines. All, no matter if your friend or you ‘liked’ them…no, we need accountability. This was not just ‘mistakes’.

My views have stayed same for over 2 years now. Strong protections of the elderly and vulnerable in a society while you allow the rest of society to live reasonably normal unfettered lives. This was all we needed, no lockdowns or school closures and this killed people, killed children. POTUS Trump made a serious mistake, he did not trust his core instincts in this and he allowed Fauci and Birx to take control of the response and it costed him the election. It did. I appreciated Giroir and even Redfield, the latter very smart but was weak against the ineptness at CDC. A good human being. But what a clown car they were daily. Like how people are fed up with Biden’s response, they grew fed up with the grave lockdown mistake and the vaccines under Trump. I call it as I see it.

Lockdowns did not work and would have never worked. School closures did not work and would have never worked.

He to me was a fabulous POTUS, maybe one of the greatest, if not, but failed disastrously with lockdowns and vaccines. Two of the greatest disasters because he did not trust his instincts that lead him well usually. He blinked with Fauci and Birx and they smelled blood and they pummeled him with the lockdowns that were devised to hurt him…it did…people suffered due to it…they lied to Trump daily with the flawed over-cycled PCR 95% false positive infection numbers, spooked him no doubt, we all may have been…

He has to recognize this, the lockdowns under him DID NOT save any lives, it costed lives. Thousands. Stop saying it saved lives. It delayed death but costed people their natural immunity and those were vulnerable….So all we needed was for people to live free, with common sense precautions while we protected the vulnerable.

For me, based on all the data I have seen and what has unfolded, these vaccines are unsafe as much as demonstrably ineffective. They are unsafe for near statistical zero risk children. No child must get these vaccines and if any child died from them, we must hold Fauci and Walensky and Collins and CDC and NIH and all involved, including Bourla and Bancel, directly responsible. We must sue them and strip them of all their earnings and money for any child death that DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN due to these vaccines. POTUS Trump should have removed any liability protection they had. He made a grave mistake allowing the vaccine makers and agencies etc. liability protection. These vaccines should never have been given to persons with low risk of severe outcome or death. No one has gotten proper informed consent and this is a Nuremberg crime.

The benefits of the vaccine are near non existent for children and IMO those less than 70 years old, and carry enough harms to contraindicate them. Stop the vaccines, they are driving variants and boosting is very dangerous. Has no benefit and destroying our immune systems. This is a failure, stop it, we will destroy the God given gift of INNATE immunity children and young persons come with and enjoy that works to protect them usually. First line of defense. Vaccinal antibodies will damage/suppress/outcompete the innate antibodies and render children defenseless.

Please use OMICRON as your off-ramp, POTUS Biden, please declare success and stop this. Stop the mandates, stop the vaccines, and let us move on as a society to begin healing. Importantly, pardon all those being held for January 6th who did not do wrong, who were not violent, let them go free. Good people are suffering. Others who committed crimes its another story and should face legal consequences. Yet balance it too that these people got caught up. You will be a hero for this. POTUS Trump should have pardoned them for they came in support of him and got caught up. They made free decisions but these are good people, those non-violent persons. Do the right thing. Please POTUS Biden, show the mercy and grace as a leader in a civil society with good governance and God fearing. Have that gracious mercy. You take the lead.