Fauci, Birx, Peter Marks, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins, Baric, Daszak, Ashish Jha, Murthy, Walensky et al., all of you must be fired! Immediately, you have shown to be illogical, inept, irrational.

by Paul Alexander

absurd, non-sensical with a depth of academic sloppiness & cognitive dissonance; you are absurd so called public health officials & scientists, you are dangerous, reckless, failures! harmed the public

Fire them all, go back and fire all in the Trump’s Task Force save Giroir. Fire all medical doctors who denied and refused to use early treatment and all medical journal editors. Fire all leaders in the US alphabet health agencies. 100 deep across all. Fire the heads of all teacher unions in US. Fire the hospital CEOs who went along with Remdesivir, midazolam, diamorphine, intubating and ventilation that killed our people. Fire them and jail many!

Every single COVID statement and policy by these people named have been 100% flat wrong! So how do they still have a job? Marks is someone I met and know from Washington and his role at FDA. I felt he was genuine and very smart yet his actions in pushing and approving these shots based on junk sub-optimal non-science e.g. 8 mice, is very troubling? I mean how would Marks get there mentally to be o.k. with this? Something is not right here. This is not a bad person, from my interactions, yet decisions are being made that are not supported by any data or medical science and is very reckless and dangerous. I am asking Peter to stand up and say NO and do the right thing. Stop these untested, lack of safety shots and defend our children. I know this is not a bad person so something is very very wrong here!

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