Fauci & Bourla Pfizer & Bancel Moderna know, Walensky knows mRNA vax will kill many children, thousands, but don't care, MUST get to the kids, as once approved for kids, will have liability protection

by Paul Alexander

Once a vax approved for kids, you cannot sue them, none of them, even if adults take it and get harmed, and is why they are coming after the children...be warned; they don't care how many die

It's about the liability protection, stupid….EUA vaccines have protection under the CARES and PREP Act…

Azar in 2020 hurt us badly….

These are criminals IMO, as they come for the kids…I will insert 3 recent media reportings to show the triple threat all at once…

These are criminals, they know that once they keep the mRNA vaccine as emergency use, EUA, they know they are covered by liability protection, and will keep it that way…trust me, they will never get full approval now for the mRNAs…if they got the vaccine approved, you can sue.

But the scheme is this, the crooked scheme by these criminal and all involved, is to go hard now after the children with bogus corrupted RCTs and get full approval for the mRNA for children…once this happens, once vaccines are approved for children, you can never sue the maker or those involved and this holds even if adults take it and die or get harmed…

So this was and is a scheme cooked up by Bourla, Bancel, Hahn, Fauci, and all the players….you know them by now…this is banditry at the highest level….

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These three pieces of reporting should frighten you and wake you up, they are coming for our children!

1)Moderna seeks to vaccinate 6 month olds to 5 years

2)The US Food and Drug Administration announced Monday that it has expanded approval of the Covid-19 drug remdesivir to treat patients as young as 28 days and weighing about 7 pounds.

3)Covid-19 vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds is safe and shows 'robust' antibody response, Pfizer says

See Kennedy: