Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, CDC etc. conspired to hollow out & topple Trump with lockdown disaster, then vaccine; lockdowns hurt him terribly & he didn't understand this; election results Pyrrhic?

by Paul Alexander

show that public says NO, 'we were hurt by lockdowns & the fraud vaccine & you must now admit the failure'; with devastating inflation, interest rates, gas, crime, fall in wages, border failure, Biden

So there is a serious potential that the present mid-term election is tampered with and rigged in away that votes are phuck*d around with. I am on that page. Let us see and fingers and toes crossed that Kari et al. pulls it off for we need her. The likes of her. Ron Johnson etc. wins! Need him. Desperately.

Yet the mid-term results also say several things whether you like it or not (at least willing to think about it) and are devastating for republicans, NOT good for the nation is in such disrepair with crime, gas prices, border flooding, flat and depressed wages, interest rates, government failures etc. but the nation still will take the failed radical democrats…again I say, the lockdowns and vaccines hurt people irreparably and Trump must admit to this ‘now’ as people are angry and to give Penn to democrats show you they will take an unwell incoherent man (legitimately sick from a stroke) who cannot communicate over what repubs selling. Maybe I will be attacked now yet I share to help wake people up and ask you to think openly:

1)Trump may have legitimately lost the election in 2020 despite even if votes were stolen, if this is shown, he may still have lost…I have said this before; why? you thus do not understand how much the lockdowns and school closures hurt him and more so, hurt his people; the devastation of lockdowns and school closures resulting in too many dying, harmed themselves and now the fraud harmful vaccine; people are and were terribly hurt and it appears, if all things continue as we are seeing, they said so at the mid-term polls now…this was a rejection no matter how you play it…this was not a red wave…I am telling you, just sitting back, all the people wanted was for him to admit the failure of the lockdowns and the fraud vaccine and never to allow it in children…he has not…the public registered their feelings about it and even if we can pull this off and do take senate and house stronger, this will be an issue going forward.

Again, can they be trying to steal votes? Why not? Yes! Did these candidates lose? Yes too, leave yourself open to that! Let us see.


2)Trump was toppled by the deepstate and Fauci et al. with their lockdown lunacy and the fraud vaccine…he would be POTUS if not for Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins et al. and people reacted by not voting….their job (Fauci et al.) was to remove him and make sure he was not re-elected…they did just that, did they not?; he has to stand up and repudiate the lockdowns and vaccines and he will be admired and rewarded, respected, it will go a long way. Too many of his people and supporters walked away because of this.

3)the public do not want hand picked celebrity candidates like Oz etc. They will take a sick, recovering person who resonates and they feel is more worthy. I want anyone in Penn but the type of radical twisted democrats being put up but that does not mean I am happy with an Oz, hand picked. Why? Oz is the best person republicans could have found?

4)Until Trump admits the catastrophe of the lockdowns and the response and the fraud vaccine and that he was misled for both and that he ‘understands’ and is empathetic to the pain and disaster and deaths those policies caused, the public will keep reminding him IMO; imagine with Biden as devastating as he has been, sub-optimal, with waning health, with radical policies, with the price of gas and cost of living and interest rates etc., with all the crime and the drugs on the street and the illegals flowing in, the public did not say NO to Biden…this election taking the house in a hobbled way, is actually a failure and catastrophe for the congress/house will get nothing done! And the house will be blamed for everything wrong that Biden et al. and democrats caused for now they got power, now they ‘own it’. And the media will blame them for it all in the first minute.

IMO, it was better to wait for 2024 and allow the democrats to do more damage, it just cannot be worse. Then the republicans will then have a chance to sweep house, senate, WH in 2024. Now, this is more of a Pyrrhic victory.

I am concerned, the public is not entirely sold and it is because there is this sense too that the repubs will end up doing nothing now. ‘Show’ hearings etc. with no prosecutions etc.

I warned about this if you go back and read.