Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx & other intensely malevolent wicked people conspired with lockdown lunacy to topple a sitting POTUS & 'hollowed' out USA from within; Xi Jinping, WHO, Bourla & Bancel too!

by Paul Alexander

With a fraud flawed PCR test, over-cycled & over-sensitive & 97% false positive, along with cowardly pusillanimous lilliputian medical doctors & academic scientists, these beasts killed our kids!

China, do not forget CCP China! If it is shown that China played a role in this COVID virus and caused deaths of Americans, we hold them to account fully! An Act of war!

We must never ever forget China and do all we could to get these beasts into a courtroom and put them under oaths separately and clean them out financially if it is shown they were reckless and dangerous and caused loss of life! If shown with proper legal inquiry, we jail them all! Deep time! Strip all their monies!

The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Francis Collins the lead Horseman, Fauci the water carrier Horseman, Bourla (Pfizer CEO) and Bancel (Moderna CEO) round off the four. These four must sit in orange jumpsuits shackled one day to defend each and every action in COVID response and the fraud vaccine development and if it is shown they caused loss of life, just one, we imprison them all!