Fauci gets his 5th mRNA COVID gene injection shot on live television, knowing full well that it fails, negative efficacy, & can cause paralysis, blood clots, bleeding (VITT), micro-thrombi, HARMFUL

by Paul Alexander

This guy, this bench scientist whose real skill is pipetting chemicals, who was given in Trump's administration & Biden's a senior role, was flat wrong 100% on his lockdown lunacy, takes the 5th jab

I think he got a saline.

Fauci knows it will not protect the upper airways and that it confers no protection, in fact gets the vaccinated infected and increases risk of severe illness and death. Yet he goes on national television to do this. A very very dangerous man. Must be investigated in proper legal settings, proper hearings to assess what he did. If shown he was above board, we praise. If not, if shown he costed lives as we know he did, we take all his money and jail him! Jail him with Birx and Francis Collins and Bourla and Bancel and Baric and Daszak et al. yet only after proper legal and public inquiries and let the decisions be made by proper officials e.g. judges.

We head to the polls in November, we punish these bastards there. Yet we are no fools, save for a few, the republicans are as corrupted.


Dr. Fauci Gets His Booster Shot LIVE on The Late Show