Fauci: ‘I Recommend’ People over 50 Get a Fourth COVID Booster; the goblin refers to UK data, but clearly he cannot understand the data or read it correctly; it shows 3rd and now 4th boosts dying

by Paul Alexander

I include week 13 data again of UK...and look at infections, look at ER, and look at deaths; I don't know what FRauDci is looking at but he is absurd and reckless, shilling for Pfizer and Moderna

I guess this goblin, this inept incompetent person masquerading as a scientist, is not up on things that triple vaccinated people are becoming infected, I guess not.

Pelosi has COVID -- and seemingly so does half of official Washington

As someone in their 80s, she is at great risk of ER and death as per data, if she is in fact infected and did in fact get the injection. I believe none of it. If any is true, we should offer prayers for that is a dangerous position to be in when one is in the 80s, and be boosted. One is at catastrophic risk of infection and death.

As of writing this piece, I see no data or reports indicative that a 4th shot or 2nd booster is needed, NONE! There is no data to support this approach. Moreover, 100% of everything Fauci has said day 1 of the pandemic response has been flat wrong. We are damaging our immune systems with these boostings, devastatingly so. To me, this is about making money, this is power, greed, and IMO, tantamount to a criminal issue now for people die of these injections. They are ineffective and harmful; and as a non-sterilizing non-neutralizing injection that does not cut the chain of transmission, and thus impossible to arrive at herd immunity, then these injections are only driving variants that are very infectious and could even result in a lethal ‘humanity altering’ variant. These injections are damaging our natural innate and acquired-adaptive immune systems and leads to immune exhaustion. The evidence has accumulated. These people need to be investigated and jailed if we show they are killing people with these injections. Jail them all!

Here is the nutcase Fauci:

Fauci: ‘I Recommend’ People over 50 Get a Fourth COVID Booster

“Fauci said, “I recommend you go and get the shot if you’re over 50.”

Reid said, “You heard it from the man.”

Fauci said, “Very clear recommendation.”

What say me?

What does the same UK data the lilliputian invokes actually show?

Week 13 UK infections (published 2 weeks ago):

Week 13

Cases reported by specimen date between week 9 2022 (w/e 6 March 2022) and week 12 2022 (w/e 27 March 2022)

Do you also see that the triple vaccinated are having greater rates in infection? Over the unvaccinated.

What about ER and deaths? Well, as I read the data, shows the triple vax account for about 90% of ER visits and deaths.

ER, hospitalization

ER visits, we see from age 40 on wards, vastly greater numbers are hospitalized triple vaccinated:


Deaths, we see from age 40 on wards, vastly greater numbers are hospitalized triple vaccinated:

28 days:

60 days:

Also recall the EU (EMA):

EU drug regulator expresses doubt on need for fourth booster dose

Even WHO says none for children and teens etc.

WHO says there’s no evidence healthy children and adolescents need Covid boosters