Fauci lied, he lied, he lied!! All Fauci & Birx & Francis Collins did was lie under Trump & continues to lie under Biden, Daszak, Baric, Bourla, Bancel, all LIARS! Deadly lies to us, frauds! & 8 mice?

by Paul Alexander

eight (8) mice they used as to antibody level to then vaccine boost 200 million people? rodent data & not human data? BA.4 & BA.5 EUA booster based on BA.1? MADNESS! & now changing narrative?

Every single one of these people must be investigated publicly, proper public debates and examinations, with proper processes, legal, and examined as to their decisions. If shown with proper legal inquiry to have caused deaths needlessly, they must be punished harshly. Including imprisonment if this is the decided penalty.

Fauci deliberately, and with purpose, deceived the public on most COVID response issues. With Birx and Francis Collins. Birx writes about it openly in her book. She has no concerns telling us she worked against Trump.

Now these people are talking about a ‘measured’ approach? Based on your personal risk? Is this not a more focused type of protection we were all talking about for 2.5 years that you worked to cancel me on? To cancel Kulldorff et al.?

These public health leaders destroyed societies for 2.5 years and now stumbling over and upon each other, trying to talk about ‘well, it really depends on our personal risk’? You CDC and NIH and FDA and Pfizer and Moderna, you devils, you lockdown lunatics, you lied to us and manipulated the public all along and now you are caught, so now trying to re-write the narrative?

Now you say Fauci, that the need to get the booster depends on your underlying risk? Why was this not stated all along with lockdowns and vaccine roll-out? Why now? Fauci lied and misled us near daily. This is what Fauci and Birx and CDC and FDA did under Trump, they worked against him and gave guidance and output based on the politics they supported, it was all a political response. Never was COVID response based on science.

Yes, these inept corrupted people based their statements to us on their whimsical thinking, their politics. These were not scientists, these were political people, using their opinion, their values and preferences and not data and evidence, nuancing and calibrating and measuring their statements to fit those in power, in terms of whether they supported them or were working, conspiring to take them down! This last paragraph is key to my experience at HHS in the administration. A daily takedown of POTUS Trump.

Fauci and Birx and Hahn and CDC and NIH and FDA and Francis Collins worked with the deepstate bureaucracy to take down, to topple a sitting President. Plain and simple and they did it! That POTUS still does not ‘understand’. The COVID response was purely a political one, never ever was it a public health medical response. Period! We can have trust and confidence in no one for every single action, every lockdown lunacy policy they implemented was averse to the health and well-being of the American public.

Consider this insane statement by Fauci as to the bi-valent boosters: