Fauci, this was a bribe, I agree with Jim Jordan, BRIBE, you are a fraud crooked pipetting chemist, that's all, & you colluded with others to harm a sitting POTUS TRUMP, you should be jailed IMO

by Paul Alexander

That this malfeasant can laugh & this FOX vaccine shill Cavuto, he & Siegal & the likes are one of the reasons so many took the shot and died, Cavuto should be investigated & jailed even if benefitted

We gave the investigators $9 million bribe to change their mind. It is clear. Fauci did.

If proper hearings in a proper court with judges, not the corrupted clown car congress, show the COVID wrongs as they did occur, then you should be jailed Fauci! With others. Yes, these freaks inside the HHS and government worked to damage Redfield; I was there, I saw, Redfield was under subversion from CDC officials and from Task Force members; like him or not and I liked Redfield, weak but a decent person and could not get his foothold for he was under attack daily from CDC fraudsters working to take out a sitting POTUS with NIH and deepstate actors. Redfield did not lie when he said what he did. Not defending Red, just saying it as it is.