FBI: every single agent rank & file who was involved with the raid on TRUMP must resign, do the right thing; you know I defend the police & FBI, I still do; resign, come forward! help restore prestige

by Paul Alexander

help restore the fame and quality of the FBI for what was done here was wrong! We do not need to know how the sausage is made here, on all we know this was pure politics & wrong!

All this was, was to get the media to run this 24/7 as a drive by hit on Trump to hurt him with election; nothing else but that! This is devastating! I see it no other way! Same goes on now in Canada with the existing federal government, they go after the people who are showing their wrongs. There are questionable actions by Clinton in the past, Obama, current government now, that warrants even heavier actions by law enforcement as to examination and investigation, yet you are still going after Trump? The American people can see this and this is and will backfire.