FDA, CDC, NIH lied to you! Francis Collins, Fauci, Bourla, Bancel (4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse) COVID INJECTION NEVER stopped infection, replication, transmission, or reduced severe illness, death

by Paul Alexander

No RCT study was ever done looking at hospitalization or death, vaccine never reduced severe illness; that was reduced via early treatment & natural immunity; fraud studies did not adjust; 8 mice?

Natural immunity or early treatment have been and remains the only thing that reduces hospitalization or death, severe illness as to COVID, as much as it is dying. No vaccine, that was always a lie and you fell for it! I challenge Pfizer or Moderna to sue me, please anyone here, get this to them, tell Bourla, show him, I said he is a criminal fraud, him and Bancel of Moderna, they lied to the people, should be jailed! Debate me, show me the data, shows us dissenters, bring data, any data to show us where this vaccine was ever successful in cutting hospitalization or death. You Bourla and Bancel should be locked up!

If you do not adjust for early treatment or prior immunity, then your study is fraud. If these factors are statistically adjusted for, their fraud studies would fail. The Pfizer and Moderna legacy trials were fraudulent with the relative risk reduction of 95% knowing the absolute risk reduction (ARR) is only 0.7%. They know they were frauds and the FDA is the top fraudster to allow this.

These bitches again with the fraud bi-valent shots (based on Wuhan spike and BA.5 spike) based on 8 mice? Mice, no human data? Animal data only? Based on antibody rise in mice? This is utter madness! And the FDA approves the EUA for this? The vaccine companies and FDA are criminal.

Look, these mRNA injections must stop instantly, across the board. Not one in children! No healthy child should get these shots and the FDA officials should be investigated and if shown to be fraudulent as I am saying, jail them! What the FDA is doing is criminal now. I actually know Marks and did work with him, I always felt he is a good person, very smart, but what he is doing now at FDA is very very wrong. Peter has to explain how these decisions are being made for there is no data or evidence to support this.