FDA Commissioner Hahn pilloried (in Trump administration) for reporting 35% relative risk reduction in mortality (RRR) for convalescent plasma & not the absolute benefit (ARR, risk difference) of 4%

by Paul Alexander

Yet Moderna & CDC & FDA & Fauci & Collins & Boula could use the very same RRR trick to deceive the nation on the efficacy, effectiveness of the mRNA COVID injections trial results

The bull shit double standard complicit media is shown here and efforts to deceive by FDA, CDC, Fauci et al. Relative risk reduction which gives a much more inflated deceptive measure of efficacy/effectiveness whether in the ideal ‘highly selected’ study setting or the ‘real world’ setting, was used and ‘is’ used by Moderna and Pfizer to report the vaccine’s results. All of a sudden, these ‘woke’ informed doctors and scientists went ‘silent’. Not a peep.

As I showed in a prior stack, the relative risk reduction of 95% for Pfizer is 0.77% or so (absolute risk reduction).

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Pfizer (Albert Bourla) defrauded America with mRNA COVID vaccines & FDA & CDC knew & played along; here's how; we will discuss efficacy, relative risk reduction (RRR), absolute risk reduction (ARR) &
What I share below is how Pfizer and Moderna were able to manipulate the reporting and data and analysis in their submission to the FDA for the initial EUA, that allowed these COVID injections to be rolled out in the first place. Modelling based on 20,000 per trial arm, give or take. It is around this figure per arm…
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Yet the FDA and CDC and media and the fraudulent academic scientists and medical doctors that abound us know the fraud here yet have gone along. They went insane when Trump was POTUS to ensure Hahn could not use that reporting deceptive trick for convalescent plasma, yet were radio silent, crickets, when reporting for the vaccine’s results were done.

We have been treated ONLY to RRR data and results and not the ARR data and results we needed for the vaccines, which show they DID NOT work and are worthless.


Trump, Hahn Mischaracterize Data on COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma

“Overall, the data point to convalescent plasma being beneficial for COVID-19. According to the preprint, 8.7% of patients who received plasma within three days of diagnosis died within seven days, versus 11.9% of those who got it after four days or more. Similarly, the seven-day mortality rate was 8.9% for those who received the most concentrated plasma, compared with 13.7% for those who received the least concentrated plasma. That’s an absolute risk reduction of 4.8% and a 35% reduction in the relative mortality.”