FDA moving in with the MOAB approach, full shock & awe bunker busting cluster bombs in June (VRBPAC), setting 5 meetings to approve all deadly COVID mRNA injections; ALL; our work is cut out for us!

by Paul Alexander

Children bring near zero statistical risk to the table, our healthy children DO NOT need these vaccines, ever

Nothing about this makes any sense. None of it and I fear many children will be harmed and die due to these vaccines. I have no doubt. I call on parents to stand up and say NO, under no condition. None, zero. Azar gave vaccine developers and all involved liability protection under the PREP ACT and it must be removed. It leaves children defenseless from tort (PREP Act Immunity from Liability for COVID-19 Vaccinators).


“A top Food and Drug Administration official pledged Friday not to delay the rollout of coronavirus vaccines for the youngest children and said at least one of the two shots under review could become available in June…Marks said the agency will not delay one vaccine to wait for the other. Each product’s application, he said, would be considered when the data are ready…We are not going to delay things unnecessarily here,” Marks said.”

In addition, CDC reported 75% of children had immunity, and likely 100%, then why would we want to vaccinate them? When their potent INNATE immunity can handle COVID and all of its variants.


CDC: As of February 2022, approximately 75% of children and adolescents had serologic evidence of previous infection with SARS-CoV-2, with approximately one third becoming newly seropositive since December 2021.