FDA's dangerous acceptance of "immuno-bridging" by Pfizer & Moderna; basically these vaccine makers measure antibody titers post COVID shot in kids & FDA approves if same titer level as in older kids

by Paul Alexander

What absurd illogical garbage; a BOGUS highly unscientific method as elevated antibody levels do not track to 'immunity'; crooked Bourla & Bancel for they know Original antigenic Sin is in play!

These malfeasant beasts at Pfizer and Moderna made up, they created a method to get these fraud injections approved with EUA by FDA. These are criminals, IMO for this ‘IMMUNO-BRIDGING’ (comparing an immune marker e.g. in this case antibody levels in 6 month olds to antibody levels in older children/adults is illogical) is garbage research methods. Does not pass the smell test and it is shameful the FDA let this go.

These beasts, these demons at Pfizer and Moderna Bourla and Bancel and FDA (Peter Marks) and Walensky of CDC and Francis Collins of NIH know full well the deceit and misdirection used in these trials. They know that the baseline risk of death, infection, ICU, hospitalization is so very low in children (statistical zero), that you cannot show less than a zero baseline (control) risk. So they invented a crooked way to approve the vaccine. The outcome measure is ‘antibody’ titer levels.

Imagine, the vaccine makers and FDA can find NO deaths, zero, in children, that they could run the studies, so basically, that in itself, tells us there is no need for COVID vaccine in kids. Yet, devastatingly, as Vanden Bossche, Yeadon, and myself have said repeatedly, children will die from this vaccine as it (high-affinity, high-specificity vaccinal antibodies) will subvert and sideline fully functional innate immunity and training of innate antibodies in the specific window of opportunity, critically for recognizing ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ components of the child (and all variations in between e.g. ‘self-like, ‘self-mimicking’ etc.). The result would be massive auto-immune reactivity (auto-immune diseases that places the child on a death path). So we will take zero risk kids and give them a vaccine that will then kill them! I need you to wrap your heads around this!

That these demons, these devils would inject with Wuhan spike and measure using Wuhan spike, then of course there will be a surge in recall antibodies to the Wuhan. But who cares about antibody levels to Wuhan today, as it has long been gone? Who cares if the rise is similar as in older children studies? What pure utter nonsense science and research!

Importantly, these crooked health officials and vaccine CEOs know that if the study is showing elevations of antibodies to the Wuhan strain does not mean there will be elevation to omicron. They know this. They know omicron BA.5 sub-variant clade dominates today and Wuhan has been long gone a year now.

But these criminals know that it is not legacy Wuhan on deck now but rather omicron BA.5 clade that dominates and thus there will be recall to Wuhan but those vaccinal antibodies will not be able to hit or neutralize the virus’s omicron spike. This is classic Original Antigenic Sin (OAS) and I have renamed it Mortal antigenic sin, as the initial antigenic fixation or imprinting or priming or exposure ‘prejudices’ and imprints (fixates) such that all future responses immunologically will be to that initial exposure. So it is not that there is antibody spikes, it is that the antibodies are worthless. No one is telling you it so plainly. I am.

Elevated antibody titers do not track with or proxy immunity. These beasts know this and are lying to the nation. They also know that the antigen specific vaccinal antibodies wane rapidly and even enter negative effectiveness on omicron in a matter of days/week. Worthless.

This immuno-bridging is so bogus and corrupted and devised to give EUA for the children vaccine 6 months to 5 years yet if you think carefully, it is utter garbage science. And is WRONG!

It is like the approval of the Corminaty vaccine (sp??) knowing it is not available yet equating it to the Pfizer knowing that you can get the Pfizer yet it cannot be given full BLA license as the safety and effectiveness data will demand it be failed and pulled from market. These are high-crime bandits, crooks, criminals what they have done and are doing. To approve something you cannot get telling you it is similar to what you can get so use the one you can get, knowing that the one you can get CANNOT be approved based on harms and deaths already on deck.

I have said repeatedly, investigate the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Francis Collins, Fauci, Bourla and Bancel now and if we show wrong is being done, in proper legal public hearings, we strip this four of every dollar in possession and jail them all, all four!