"FDA's Peter Marks to Congress: Youngest kids vaccine won't need to hit 50% efficacy mark"; I like Marks, I know him, decent, smart, I dealt with him at HHS; this however is NUTS, batshit crazy nuts!

by Paul Alexander

I cannot wrap my head around how he can say this knowing kids bring near zero risk, do not die from it, vax is safety untested, ineffective, outcome is only Abs levels, not hard patient important

Again, I cannot say anything bad about this guy, I always thought he was upright, but this is insane…there is no basis. He has to show us science, data to support this. Show us. I mean too, what is the reasoning you would decline the threshold because it is kids? Why? I mean all about this is absurd and reckless. Does he not read the media and the harms and deaths in young persons?

I have told you before and say again, these vaccines, mRNA are ineffective, do not work and are not properly safe. Look around you.