FDA's vaccine advisor Dr. Paul Offit wants off of the '20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse' list I am told, so now he says "healthy young people don't need another Covid booster"; hhhmmm, should we?

by Paul Alexander

Dr Paul Offit told DailyMail.com that healthy under-75s don't need the booster; His remarks come just days before the US is set to begin its Covid shot rollout; Offit know BA.2.86 is BOGUS scariant


This guy is so full of horseshit, bunk drivel, but I will tip my hat for the stones he shows here:


‘Most Americans don't need another Covid booster shot, according to one of the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) top vaccine advisers.

Dr Paul Offit, who advises the FDA on a range of shots for infectious diseases, told DailyMail.com middle-aged and younger Americans who do not have chronic diseases already had strong enough immunity through previous Covid vaccines and infections to prevent severe illness this winter.

His recommendation comes as the FDA prepares to approve new updated Covid boosters made by Pfizer and Moderna designed to target new variants.’

‘Specifically, those over 75 years of age, those who have health problems that put them at highest risk of severe disease (such as obesity, chronic lung disease, chronic heart disease and diabetes, among others)’.

Finally he is on the right track with a targetted approach ONLY to high risk yet in that too he is wrong, this vaccine should have never been brought, it was ineffective and unsafe day one and shows us how deadly it is. He is wrong here too as he tries to backtrack. We will not let him out of our sights for accountability. His words and public statements hurt people. Offit knows the new XBB.1.5 booster will not match the dominant sub-variant and will drive selection pressure and thus more variants. He knows, he is part of the crooked problem.