FEAR has now become the key tool of the government and they isolated us for a prolonged time and drilled fear with 24/7 media lies...and then soon we will see how they separate us as groups

by Paul Alexander

It will be the double vaccinated versus the triple vaccinated versus the quadrupled vaccinated etc.; lies about asymptomatic spread, recurrent infection, equal risk if infected/exposed

FDA is now operating outside of the law...it is engaging in pure illegal lawless actions; look what it did with the vaccine it licensed that you cannot get.

the Government now uses fear on us despite the fact that COVID has been over more than a year now…it is over and omicron is basically nothing…this is unsupported hysteria and based on the data, omicron is akin to a common cold. It is more transmissible but yields far milder disease “with a lower chance of hospitalization and death with infection.” (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10321143/We-stop-viral-spread-COVID-end-pandemic-writes-Dr-Jay-Bhattacharya.html)

Yet we are behaving as if we are back again in Feb 2020 and as if we do not know what to do and how to manage this. We will have separation between the double vaxxed and triple vaxxed very soon and this is the insanity and this is what the governments are doing to us, this is what the doctors in our societies are allowing the governments to do and this is what the populations are allowing, in sheer fear and I would attribute it to a failure to reflect a bit more deeply on the issues, on the information around them. It is as if the people do not think deeper or are not using the evidence that is available to them to more optimally inform their thinking and decision-making.

how did we get here? how could people just lose their ability to think rationally and independently?