Fecal, banal, pusillanimous, putrid, bottom-dweller, untermensche, puerile, beelzebub, devil, demonic, inept, corrupt, incompetent, rotten, abysmal, filthy...oh sorry, I forgot to say, I'm describing

by Paul Alexander

US & Canadian & UK etc. legacy media like CNN and MSNBC and CBC etc. Sorry I slipped. Just a sick sorry feces laden bunch of people, all of them, cowardly, spineless..at times FOX news too.

oh, and you sick nasty filthy media freaks, why don’t you write about me, allow me then to name you…ha ha ha, you evil sons of bitches, probably do not even shower. I could even smell you, the shanti stench.

If I many have missed any adjectives, please inform me so as to properly describe the legacy putrid media to me.